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The Power of Saying No

Are you overloaded, overstressed, and overwhelmed? If the answer is yes, chances are you have an overflowing calendar with all kinds of professional and personal commitments on it. You are living on caffeine and unable to enjoy the present moment… Read more »

Teamwork Means Together!

  What do ants and Navy Seals have in common? They work toward a common goal with everyone playing their individual part! Think about that for a moment. Could one or two ants move a bread crumb? No — but… Read more »

Are You Walking Your Talk?

Quick, what do you think when I say the words: USED CAR SALESMAN….slimy, sleazy, will tell me anything to close the deal. What are your words? Whatever they are, I am sure they do not have a positive connotation to… Read more »

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