Work Better, Feel Better by Moving More at Work

Moving More at Work

According to a recent poll, an average office worker spends six and a half hours sitting a day. If you are stuck with an uncomfortable chair, it can seem more like twelve hours! If there is no option to get a new chair or change locations within the workplace, you might feel doomed. However, there is a solution that is good for you (even if the chair is as comfy as possible); commit to moving more at work!

Sedentary Health Concerns

We all know by now that sitting in front of the computer all day can lead to health issues related to musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. But, did you know within a couple of hours of sitting your metabolism drops by 30%? And that’s not all, studies show sitting too much can affect cognitive health, including memory.

So, what is the solution? The initial thought is to stand more, but that just won’t cut it either when it comes to bolstering our health. Standing too much can cause health problems too (e.g. varicose veins, undue pressure to joints and feet).  The solution is to move, not necessary join a gym and sweat it out for an hour at a time but move. This gets the blood moving and so much more.

Take a Break

Taking breaks are essential for everyday health. In fact, it is recommended that workers take a break at least every 75 – 90 minutes of up to 15 minutes max throughout the day. When an employee takes a break two essential things happen:

  1. The mind is given an opportunity to process new ideas/concepts
  2. The chance to retain the new information is exponentially increased

The best type of break is when you move. This means get up and away from the computer screen, meeting room or anyplace where the focus of attention has been concentrated for a continuous period. It doesn’t mean jog down to the parking lot and run back up a flight of stairs, it can be accomplished by taking a stroll to the break room or bathroom. Just that brief “change of scenery” will do a world of good, not mention get the creative juices flowing again!

Get Moving

If the organization is flexible, there are some interesting alternatives to the traditional desk/chair set up that enables you to move more while in the office.

  • Use a standing desk with a treadmill
  • Sit on an exercise ball (it’s good for the core and fun!)
  • Utilize high tables without chairs for team meetings or conference calls

If your organization is not flexible or the nature of the business prohibits creative seating and/or meeting areas, there are creative ways of moving more at work.

  • Take the stairs
  • Don’t take the closest spot to the door, park far away
  • Do Office Yoga
  • Stretch at your desk, using your desk

Of course, if you have a Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch etc., make sure the hourly move reminder is set, then MOVE. I have mine set and at 10 minutes to the hour. I then get up and either walk around the office, go outside (weather permitting) and walk around the building or just take the time to walk to the restroom or break room.

When you decide to move more you will. Make sure to take a break and commit to moving more at work already! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

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