The Power of Saying No

Are you overloaded, overstressed, and overwhelmed?

If the answer is yes, chances are you have an overflowing calendar with all kinds of professional and personal commitments on it. You are living on caffeine and unable to enjoy the present moment because your mind is racing about all the other things you need to do.

However, your life can become so much easier with just one two-letter word: NO.

  • To answering the phone
  • To the constant interruptions
  • To that friend of office worker who needs you right now
  • To joining another networking group or committee
  • To working insane hours with unrealistic deadlines

Why is it easier for you to say YES instead of NO?  Guilt, politeness, being a good person, and trying to please the world.

In addition, you probably don’t know how to say NO without offending others. You are a true people pleaser.

In the end, this type of life builds up resentment because you feel like your life is not your own. Everyone has a little piece of you and their needs come first.

Saying NO releases burdens, kicks out stress, and gives you back your life back!

What are some ways you can learn to say NO? Here are four easy ways to get started:

  1. Inventory your needs, wants, and interests (Who are you?). Everyone needs to earn money and if you are self-employed like I am, the only person who is bringing in the bacon is me. I need to earn a certain amount of money each month to live the way I desire to. So, meeting and talking with prospects and clients that will help me grow my business is important to me.I also want to be involved with my family, friends and certain philanthropic organizations.I’m interested in exercise classes, hiking, biking and golf. Being active is a priority.
  2. Once you have your inventory complete, pull out your calender and prioritize your commitments.Put them into an “A”, “B” and “C” category of needs, wants and interests. If you only have time to do the “As” then you need to say no to the “Bs” and “Cs”. And quite honestly, if you doing something you don’t need or want to do, than you need to stop doing it.
  3. Practice saying NO with grace:“Thank you for asking me to meet you for coffee, but I don’t think our businesses align, so I will have to say no.” “Thank you for dropping in, but due to my busy schedule, let’s re-schedule.”  You know what….I am not answering that phone!”

     4. Yes,
you can say NO to your boss and teammates. 

When asked to complete a project in an unreasonable time frame, ask your boss to
prioritize your other commitments. You are not saying no exactly, but you are
reminding him or her of the other pressing deadlines you have. They may wish to
re-prioritize your work but remind them you need time to complete quality

Working on a TEAM with your peers requires balance….in your life and theirs.  Learning to say “NO” is the key to keeping stress and unrealistic expectations at bay.  Team Building and Teamwork are all about prioritizing your time at work and prioritizing YOU.

Fun Team Building based in Atlanta helps teams build trust, feel motivated, and learn the power of saying NO! Owner Larry Lipman is a Team Building Specialist who successfully coaches participants into powerful, cohesive teams all while having fun!

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