Fun Team Building has great testimonials! Larry Lipman’s team building activities offer great ways to forge ties with colleagues. On this page you’ll discover commentary about Larry and his innovative team building exercises. Discover why he’s called America’s Success Coach!

Here is What People are Saying







Our team was engaged, participated passionately in all activities, laughed often, and most of all, took away life changing truths that will help us in our professional careers as well as our personal lives.

- - Rob Hatefi
President/CEO, Coca-Cola Credit Union

Larry is worth twice what he is asking.

- Larry's Father

Your training was completely opposite of what I ever expected, it was most dynamic. You kept the course fun, active, and opened my eyes up to much food for thought.

- Michael Powell
General Physics Corporation

When you came to us, our record was 3-8. We then won the next 9 games in a row, and tied 1 before being beaten in the Southeast Regional playoffs. Undoubtedly your teambuilding seminar helped tremendously.

- Graham Tutt
Life College Intercollegiate Athletics

He's a good boy.

- Larry's Mother

I participated in a day-long team building session with Larry serving as the facilitator in October 2012. The day was, by far, the highlight of a 5-week leadership development course. Larry's deft facilitation and course design resulted in bringing a group of 20 strangers from across the country together as a team in one short day. Extremely effective team builder who keeps you smiling throughout the session.

- Vincent Fallacara
VP Entergy Operarions Inc. – LinkedIn Recommendation

Feedback from the participants has been tremendous and overwhelmingly positive. We have tried other teaming sessions, but none can compare to what we experienced during your Day of Discovery.

- Edward E. Outlaw
National Security Agency of the United States

I can write you now...6 months later and let you know the lasting impact. Our office environment has entirely changed.

- Karon Bush
West Central Health District

We didn’t sit in chairs listening to lectures about motivation. We didn’t do exercises we’d all seen and done a hundred times. We didn’t watch videos with people who still had 70’s disco clothes and slicked back hair. We all participated and laughed and had a great time.

- Lynn Sgouros
Director of HR, City of St. Charles, MO

Larry took the time to understand our team training needs, developed an outstanding program, delivered the best professional development session our staff has ever had, and then followed up to ensure long-term retention. Clearly, an unequivocal, without-reservation, wholehearted endorsement of Larry and his training.

- Glen R. Mack
Executive Director, Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food at NW Arkansas Community College – LinkedIn Recommendation

Thank you for a FANTASTIC DAY that you planned for our Sam’s Club Management Team. We feel that the fun times, learning’s, conversations, and memories will last a lifetime.

- Buffy Bullard
Sam's Club, Walmart

You were awesome and the attendees could not have been happier if I had had Billy Graham there. Of course, I took all the credit for finding you --- good speakers always make me look good.

- Jane H. Tanner
Institute of Continuing Judicial Education of Georgia

I have worked with Larry since 1995 on several team-building and interactive training project. Larry is an excellent facilitator. He conducts team-building activities very effectively. He has a unique skill for debriefing the participants and ensuring that what they have learned in applied to their workplace. Larry is a fun guy who makes his training activities to be extremely engaging and effective.

- Sivasailam Thiagarajan
Resident Mad Scientist at Workshops by Thiagi, Inc. and Owner, Workshops by Thiagi - LinkedIn Recommendation

Larry’s positive approach and effectiveness were reflected in the numerous raves which flowed into my office after Larry’s visit. I highly encourage schools to consider Larry’s up-beat program.

- Kathleen C. Hood
Carl Benner School, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

We learned a great deal about ourselves and each other. We learned about team trust and support, and how we can pull together as a team to achieve success.

- Raymond Sheehan
United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Ethics

The enthusiasm and joy that Larry brings to a project cannot be measured because it's " OFF THE CHARTS". He is deeply dedicated to what he does and works with boundless energy to make a difference for every group he encounters. Larry connects with his clients on many levels and everyone leaves with a smile on their face!

- Cathy Aronoff
Executive Director at The Holly Lane Foundation – LinkedIn Recommendation

I obtained feedback in the form of an online evaluation from the participants after the session. 100% of those who attended the workshop were extremely satisfied with the workshop and with you as the facilitator!

- Lesha Price

I've had the great pleasure of working with Larry on a large team development project in Canada. Larry was wonderful to work with. I found him to be a master at his craft with a contagious positive attitude. If Larry is involved in it, I'd like to participate.

- Tom Heck
VP for Education Initiatives – LinkedIn Recommendation

Barry and I were particularly pleased that you were able to draw in everybody so that all were actively engaged in the session, and neither of us saw anyone on the 'sidelines' which can sometimes occur in this type of training.

- Thomas K. Tarr
Chief U.S. Probation Officer, District of New Hampshire

We left Red Top Mountain with our Atlanta and Charlotte teams joined together as ONE, with better communication skills, and most importantly a renewed spirit! This day spent with you was exactly what we were looking for.

- Linda Pruett

I was initially concerned about the large size of our group. But you managed to keep everyone actively involved and challenged in all the activities. I only hope we can do equally with the same fun sense of enthusiasm you showed us!

- Liz Henry
Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Co

The high level of participation from the team was confirmation they really enjoyed themselves and there is still a buzz around the office.

- Jason Seeby

A day like ours would do worlds of good for students, business people, or teachers. Everyone needs to know they can be successful!!

- Shirley L. Beard
Georgia Department of Education

May I count the ways? First, you managed to get people talking!!! Second, they became excited. Third, they relaxed, they began to divulge secrets, they talked to each other. Last and most important, you helped them to realize that they are the ones who hold the keys.

- Ann Murchison
United States Department of State

The evaluation sheets were levelled on a 1 to 4 scale, 4 being excellent. Larry, all your sessions were rated at the 4 level. And you know that you were dealing with consultants and program leaders who present all the time. This is such a professional compliment to you.

- Beverly Welch
Inter-disciplinary Educational Association of North York, Ontario, Canada

Even today, 2 months after our meeting, I still see evidence of a better, stronger, and more cohesive team than what was evident prior to our meeting.

- Tom Parham
Philips North America

Thanks for the enlightening workshop, you exceeded our expectations. You are passing on important life experience messages to those of us grinding away daily at our respective jobs, who at times lose sight of why we act or react to various situations. Your presentation certainly gave us food for thought and will continue to stimulate thinking in this office for some time to come!

- Joseph Giacobbe
Chief U. S. Probation Officer, Western District of New York

Three months have passed since we participated in that wonderful teambuilding experience. I can say without doubt that the exercise has had a sustained impact on the members of our senior team here at Royal Bank of Canada.

- Ross McDonald
Royal Bank of Canada

Numerous comments were made on your ability to: ‘keep the sessions flowing, exercises that had meaning, looking outside the box, he really knows his stuff, best workshop ever’.

- Gary Johnson
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Success is a journey, not a destination. Our recent journey with you was energizing, inspirational, personally motivating, and fun. The Directors have had only rave reviews about your program. Thank you for a job well done.

- Marion Delaney-Harris
Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education