Are You Walking Your Talk?

Quick, what do you think when I say the words: USED CAR SALESMAN….slimy, sleazy, will tell me anything to close the deal. What are your words? Whatever they are, I am sure they do not have a positive connotation to them.

All that being said, I am certain there is some great used car salesman out there. In almost every profession, there are people that you admire and people you don’t. And it doesn’t have anything to do as to whether you like them or not. It is something more.

What do these people you admire have in common? They “Walk the Talk“. They say what they mean and mean what they say. And they follow through on the things promised to you. In a word, they are solid.

Today’s blog will focus on the 5 elements of a person that walks the talk.


CREDIBLE: Capable of being believed.

Litmus Test: Do people believe you when you talk to them? Do they trust what you are saying is true or do they have a need to check out your story with others?

Moral: Tell the truth always and never exaggerate. If you don’t know, say so. Write down the question and get back to them. If you screw up and give the wrong information (it happens), apologize, and give the right information.


REPUTABLE: Honorable and respectable.

Litmus Test: Do you honor and respect your clients, prospects, friends, and family? Or are you nice to some and menacing to others?

Moral: Everyone deserves to be honored and respected. Show this in your next meeting, sales call, or at home with your family and see what you get back. The reaction might surprise you.


ETHICAL: Know the difference between right and wrong conduct, and consistently choosing the right conduct.

Litmus Test: When faced with a troubling situation, do you always do the right thing even if it is not the most popular or goes against the established practice?  What would your mother say if you said or did that?

Moral: Have you walked away from business or a job because the person you were dealing with was unethical? This is sometimes the hardest thing to do, but with your personal reputation at stake, being ethical is the only way to be.


AUTHENTIC: Genuine and real.

Litmus Test: Are you the same person in the office as you are at home? Do you let customers see you smile and laugh? Do you share your life experiences with co-workers?

Moral: Be real. Let people know who you are, all the time. Don’t be convinced it is a “dog eat dog” world. The more people get to know the real you, the more they will want to help you succeed.



Litmus Test: Can people count on you? Do you always tell the truth? Do you follow through on your obligations? Do you gossip or keep confidences?

Moral: Say what you mean and follow-up. Be consistent in your actions. Don’t gossip or triangulate. Keep confidences and yours will be kept too.


Are you and your organization walking the talk? If you need help conveying the right image to your customers, prospects, or the public, consider hiring Fun Team Building‘s owner Larry Lipman to help your team! You can reach him at 770-333-3303.


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