Effective Team Building with Ropes Course


Whether you’re looking for a fun workplace team building activity, or the latest in corporate team building games, it’s hard to do better than an Atlanta ropes course. But these aren’t your average team building exercises – they’re led by Larry Lipman! Larry helps everyone work together and makes the rope course a fun part of team building day!

See the descriptions of two types of rope activities below, and plan on a great time as you get to know your colleagues and build teamwork ties!

Brief Description of the Atlanta Ropes Courses

High Ropes Course

This ropes course is 30 feet up in the trees, harnesses and helmets required, walking on cables or logs, more for individual and personal growth and development and trust building.

Low Ropes Course

This ropes course is ground-based, low obstacle course events, no special equipment needed, more for team building and corporate development.

*NOTE*  I specialize in the Low Ropes Course more these days because of its emphasis on TEAMWORK, cost & time benefits, and immediate results.

Atlanta ropes course, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman

Outcomes of the Ropes Courses

  • Self-confidence
  • Brand new ways of communicating
  • New appreciation of each other’s differences
  • Decision making skills
  • Consensus building
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Asking for help
  • Leadership skills
  • Risk taking
  • Trust building
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Inspiration, motivation, and FUN

Fear Factor of the Ropes Courses

A little leg shaking. Yes. It’s normal. Fear and risk go together.

Who Participates

Grandparents and 1st graders and everyone in between. Anyone wanting trust building and team building activities.


Our highest priority. Period.
Our ropes courses include safety talks, certified equipment, meticulous observation, and skilled, challenge course facilitators who guide, coach, and anticipate.

Participant Equipment Needed

Mental toughness. This is more of a mental day than physical. Creative problem solving ability a bonus.

3 Themes of the Ropes Courses

Challenge by Choice ~ Full Value Contract ~ Safety

The Secret and Most Powerful Question to Ask Before Each Ropes Course

Is this an obstacle OR an opportunity?
It will be just that.


Several certified challenge courses in and around Atlanta, Georgia.
The fee for the Atlanta ropes course includes course rental, all activity equipment, and facilitators.


Depends on group size, location, and outcomes: $3,000 to $9,000/day.

#1 Benefit of the Ropes Courses

Outcomes, such as team building and trust building, are immediate and last a lifetime.