6 Leadership Traits that Bring About Better Teams

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Jeff Haden, Owner of BlackBird Media, recently shared on LinkedIn his compilation of things that successful people do every day to enhance their leadership traits and keep their creative juices flowing.

His article inspired me to write this blog and while I will share some of the quotes from these highly engaged leaders, my mission is to help you use one or two of these ideas in your own leadership team development efforts.


“I try and run a couple of miles every morning to clear my head.”  – Jordan Dolin, Founder of Emmi Solutions

Nothing makes you more aware of your surroundings like running. Whether you are training for a race or just taking a jog around the neighborhood, running helps focus your attention on the next step, the next turn and the next mile. 

Bike to Work

“I get my best ideas on my bike, especially in the morning on my way into the office.” – Tania Burke, President of Trek Travel

Exercise in Your Office

“I have an exercise mat in my office and three times a day, I close my door for just a few minutes and do pushups and sit-ups.” – Dave Lavinsky, Founder of Guiding Metrics

I personally start my workday going to the gym for a one hour workout and throughout the day I sit on a stability ball instead of a chair to improve my balance and posture. When I am waiting for something to print or to hop on a conference call, I do about 25 sit-ups. Sometimes this is several times a day – it helps me with patience and in developing my leadership traits! 


“Every morning, I take my dog for a walk.” – Michael Hirst, Writer and Executive Producer of Vikings

I absolutely love this show and if a daily walk is what it takes to keep Hirst’s creative juices going, bring it on! Walking is so good for you on so many levels and with longer days and milder temperatures there is no excuse. If you can get your team to walk together over the lunch hour, this can be one of your team building activities that can accomplish two things: get everyone out of the office and allow them to get to know each other on a personal level.

Write Thank-You Notes

“I hand-write three thank you cards every day. It allows me to focus on others and transforms my mood from bad to good, from good to great, or from great to ecstatic.” — Dave Kerpen, CEO & Founder of Likeable Local

I love this idea and actually subscribe to it, but I take it one step further. When we have a guest speaker at our Rotary or I am meeting with someone for the first time, I make up a little goody bag with my business card, a pen and pencil and a small token of my appreciation (a CD, candle or notepad). Then after the meeting, I follow up with a thank you note.  Everyone loves this and they all feel so appreciated that I took the time to put this together for them. 

Say Hello

“Anytime I see anyone in our lobby, I stop, say hello, ask if they’ve been helped and if they’d like a coffee. It’s a little thing, but it really sets the tone and makes people feel very welcome.” — Nina Garcia, Creative Director at Marie Claire

This is fantastic and such a kind gesture to make people feel welcome. It is one of my favorite leadership traits because it shows by example. 

Fun Team Building is based in Atlanta and an expert in leadership team development including corporate team building and inservice teacher training. Owner Larry Lipman is available to travel and help your organization with your teambuilding efforts!

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