Fun Team Building FAQs To Help Facilitate Your Decision

What FAQs do you have about Fun Team Building?

What FAQs do you have about Fun Team Building?


As you look to plan your corporate team building event for next year, you have questions about the design and cost of such a function. You may have tried to plan team building events on your own with limited success. Now it is time to move your team to the next level.

Below are 9 common questions Fun Team Building owner Larry Lipman is often asked during the vetting process. I hope they help you in making a decision to move forward with a professional organization like Fun Team Building.

Will You Design a Customized Program for My Team?

Absolutely! We at Fun Team Building work hard to develop a program around the following principles:

  • Your team goals
  • The values of your organization
  • Team building themes and
  • Information and challenges that are relevant to your organization.

How Do I Choose the Right Event?

Whether you choose the rope course Atlanta or a large indoor group event, the main thing Larry will do is consult with you to choose the right theme for your group,  Larry will ask you a series of questions revolving around your:

  • team dynamics
  • history as a team
  • team strengths and weaknesses
  • corporate culture and
  • areas you want to grow

Together you will choose the right event for your team.

What Size Groups do You Work With?

Fun Team Building’s typical group is between 11-150 individuals. In Larry’s experience, once you go below or above this number, the team building activities are not as fun because the group is too small or too large.

Where Are Your Events Hosted?

Fun Team Building is completely portable and can provide team building at most any facility of your choosing. The location can include:

  • Your company
  • Hotel or resort
  • Park and/or open space
  • Retreat center and
  • the Atlanta Ropes Course.

Do All Your Events Take Place Outside?

No; Fun Team Building operates year-around and has conducted thousands of events inside and out. It all depends on the dynamics of the team, the weather and the goal of the team building exercise.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fun Team Building works hard to fit into your budget requirements. You will need to factor in the following when considering your investment fee:

  • Travel and transportation
  • The level of customization
  • Size of group
  • The number of hours or days for the fun team building activities.

The fee range is $3,000-12,000 depending on the factors given above.

Do You have a Minimum Size for the Group?

Yes, it is 11 team members.

How Do You Maximize the Value of the Team Building Experience?

The number one way we do this  is to ensure that your goals are met. At the end of the session, Larry has feedback forms that gauge the team’s level of satisfaction with their experience. He works very hard to make certain the goals are met and the group participants are having fun along the way.

Why Should You Book with Fun Team Building?

Fun Team Building offers unique team building activities that will help your business and teams grow! Our objective is to meet your objective. Give Larry Lipman a call today at 770.333.3303 to learn more about ways Fun Team Building can help your organization in the coming year!

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