What a Team Building Day Looks Like


Team Building Agenda

NOTE: Every group I work with is different; this represents a sample team building day for 11 to 22 participants. I Success Coach larger groups up to 150. I will facilitate specially designed team building exercises for your group to meet your specific needs.
This is only an outline — threaded throughout the day are personal time, group shares, fun, and surprises. From team building ice breakers, to small or large group activities, Fun Team Building delivers a positive experience that makes working together exciting!

team building day, fun team building with larry lipman, larry lipman

8:00 – 8:20 am
Warm ups and Ice Breakers

8:20 – 8:25 am
“Journey in the Forest” Self-discovery Activity
Leadership training course

8:25 – 8:37 am
“Gravity Pole”
Team building activity

8:37 – 9:11 am
“Blind Birthdays”
Team building exercise

9:11 – 9:42 am
My Personal “Formula for Life”
Leadership training course

9:42 – 9:55 am
– break –

9:55 – 10:14 am
“Human Zipper”
Problem solving fun

10:14 – 10:42 am
“Magic Carpet” (teams of 6)
Sparking employee motivation

10:42 – 10:55 am
– break –

10:55 – 11:25 am
“Welded Ankles” (teams of 8)
Team building workshop

11:25 – 12:02 am
“Top 10 Ways to Motivate & Success Coach Your TEAM”
Different leadership styles and creative problem solving

12:02 – 12:55 pm
– lunch break –

12:55 – 1:09 pm
Lycra Tube (teams of 4)

1:09 – 1:22 pm
“Most Outrageous” (teams of 2)
Building relationships and appreciating our differences team building activity

1:22 – 1:31 pm
“Don’t do as I do. Do as I say.”
Building effective communication skills

1:31 – 2:14 pm
“ZOOM” Consensus Activity
Big picture vs. detail

2:14 – 2:31 pm
– break –

2:31 – 2:59 pm
“Back Talk” (teams of 4)
Building effective communication skills

2:59 – 3:11 pm
“Move it or Lose it”
Employee motivation

3:11 – 3:43 pm
“The Amazing Maze”
Team building & teamwork

3:43 – 4:01 pm
Celebration and Shares
Team building program finale: appreciating our strengths and weaknesses, and taking our team to the next level


“Challenge by Choice”
We choose to participate and have the right to pass.

“Full Value Contract”
The more we participate, the more value & benefit we will receive.

“Non-judgment Day”
Today, we do not judge other people, or ourselves.

“Play Day”
It’s OK to laugh till it hurts!

Team Building Day Fee

The actual amount depends on group size, goals, and outcomes.
$3,000 – $12,000 is a budget range.

Team Building Day Programs Include:

Discounts for paying on day of event, all handouts & manuals, all activity equipment, unlimited e-mail follow-up consultations up to 6 months, & a fun, power-packed day! Improve your team’s communication skills, initiate creative problem solving, and build trust for a cohesive team with good leadership!

Special rates are available for schools.