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About Larry Lipman, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman

Larry Lipman is a team building success coach that has helped hundreds of people form new bonds with his workplace team building interactive activities. Larry’s passion and mission are the same:

  • create new ways of thinking
  • turn thoughts into action steps
  • bring out their best, all in a fun and supportive environment
  • create more powerful, trusting teams

Larry earned his B.A. at the University of Virginia and M.Ed. at the University of San Diego.

Larry leads personal development seminars and specializes in team building events. There’s a reason Larry’s approach to team building is so well-received: He has had diverse life experiences that allow him to see the world from a number of perspectives. He translates this ability to his role as facilitator in his unique team building activities. Larry can identify with most any individual or group because he has been a Bailiff in Traffic Court, Algebra and Geometry Teacher, Basketball and Tennis Coach, Director of Summer Camp Aquatics Programs, Director of Sales, and an Actor in TV commercials.

About Larry Lipman, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman, Larry Lipman



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Larry has completed Jack Canfield Train the Trainer, Tony Robbins Mastery University and is a ACCT Qualified Course Professional.




Larry Lipman’s Memberships Include:

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ATD, Association for Talent Development, About Larry Lipman

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Samples of Larry’s broad spectrum of topics include trust building activities, appreciation, cooperation, responsibility & blame, expectations, value systems, team work ideas, intention, communication skills, conflict resolution, goals, reactions, and win-win attitudes.

Larry’s programs stimulate new ways of thinking, challenge self-defeating belief systems, and offer new and powerful choices — all in a gentle, caring, safe, and fun atmosphere…. where the participants come up with the Ah-ha’s!

To sum it up, Larry says, I am teaching what I wish to learn!”

Fun Team Building Scholarship Program 

Larry offers a scholarship for students interested in pursuing a career in experiential education. Learn more about the Fun Team Building Scholarship and Training for Experiential Education.

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