Effective Team Building For Teachers and Educators


Motivating teachers and team building are my specialty. I was a teacher for 15 years…

One of the best reasons to try Fun Team Building is that every team building day is custom designed for your group. This specialization means you’ll participate in activities that offer the most meaning for your teachers. With specific team building exercises for teachers, I promote teacher motivation & staff development by energizing teamwork and team building activities! What you’ll find here is professional development and staff motivation facilitated in a learn-by-doing, very interactive format.

Check out the resources on this page and then read on for a full description of what you can look forward to when your teachers meet Larry Lipman and his high energy, positive approach to team building!

Teacher Motivation and Development Tips

Top 10 Ways Teachers Handle Stress at Work
Building trust with teachers through teamwork

  1. Avoid the victim stance.
  2. Stay in the moment: PERSPECTIVE.
  3. Choose your reactions wisely.
  4. Let go of control issues and the need to be perfect.
  5. Bring aspirin.
  6. Create your own personal “Happiness Box List” that is quick and easy to use.
  7. Keep in mind work loads are cyclical.
  8. Take your breaks. Mentally & physically.
  9. When you leave work, leave your work behind.
  10. Whenever all else fails, remind yourself that you chose this job.

Top 10 Ways to Motivate and Coach Kids
Teacher professional development and teacher motivation

  1. Treat them as individuals and with respect & kindness, even when that is a stretch. Especially     when that is a stretch.
  2. Acknowledge their contributions.
  3. Back them up.
  4. Make time for them by really being present.
  5. Let them know that you see their potential often.
  6. Explain why.
  7. Catch kids doing things right.
  8. Allow them to work to their strengths.
  9. Praise in public, correct in private.
  10. Walk your talk.

Top 10 Ways to Handle Complainers and Whiners
Team building and staff development

  1. Most complainers don’t even have a clue. Being aware of that is the first step.
  2. Request complainers to simply change their complaint into a clear request.
  3. Directly ask them to be more positive when with you.
  4. Find out what is really bothering them.
  5. Here’s one for you: hear every complaint from a whiney person as a pop test. If you pass, you     have made it. If not, you still have some learning to do.
  6. Smile and be polite? That is the last thing they expect.
  7. Stop agreeing with them.
  8. If you are brave, let people know directly that you don’t do well with complaints or compainers.
  9. Buy motivational tapes or some aspirin.
  10. Choose the people with whom you hang out.


Special Goals for Teachers

To bring back the “heart and soul” of why we chose this honorable profession! Your teachers will leave with a renewed spirit of:

teachers, fun team building, fun team building with Larry Lipman

  • creativity
  • camaraderie
  • respect
  • accountability
  • trust
  • optimism
  • re-charging morale
  • smiles


I facilitate a treasure of interactive activities, initiatives, and games that excite, stimulate, and challenge. Boosting morale for overworked and underpaid teachers is just the beginning. Teacher motivation & teacher professional development are our goals. Other outcomes include:

  • seeing things a little differently with a new perspective
  • handling change optimistically
  • building trust between teachers
  • making wiser choices through professional development
  • appreciating each other’s differences and strengths
  • remembering why we chose this profession & boosting teacher motivation
  • turbo-charging our attitudes

Why Fun Team Building different?

These fun and challenging team building exercises are not your typical teacher in-service program. I blend both professional life skills with personal growth skills. Your educators will be able to apply these skills immediately at work and at home.

P.S.  At the end of the day, I may need your help in asking your teachers to leave… Please call Fun Team Building in Atlanta, Georgia at 404-234-3512 to learn how we can help you!