Team Building Frequently Asked Questions


faqs, fun team building with larry lipmanEmbarking on a team building day is bound to raise some questions. We’ve created this Q & A section to help acquaint you with our process and how fun team building activities can make a difference in your group’s ability to work together and communicate better. Let us know what other questions you have, and reserve your own team building day here.

FAQs about Fun Team Building

Can you help us?
First, tell me the challenges you are having with your team. Then, I will tell you specifically what I can do for you.

What does a typical team building day include?
Ice-breakers & warm-ups, “challenge-by-choice” team building activities, special time for discussions and reflection after each activity, lots of surprises, & closing celebration. Click on “Sample Team Building Day” under Course Info.

What are sample activities that you facilitate?
My trademark, “Amazing Maze,” Human Zipper, Magic Carpet, Move It or Lose It, Blind Birthdays, Trust Fall, Back Talk, Gravity Pole, Group Pull-up, and Videos. These groupings include whole group activities, teams of 4, pairs, and individuals for maximum engagement.

Do you have a video to see or references that I can call?
Sorry, no video (I have found out that companies do not give permission to release them), but yes, I have terrific referral letters to include in my packet and you may call them.

Do you travel to our location? Is it extra? Can you make your own travel plans?
I travel often and bring all my “toys” with me. Travel expenses are extra. I do make my own travel plans (least expensive I can find).

Are you a Ritz person or a local motel person?
The latter.

Will you send me a formal proposal, including your fee?
Yes, as soon as I have all your information.

Do you charge by the person?
No. I have a one-time fee that includes all estimated participants, handouts, and activity equipment.

What is the downside to your programs?
I may have to ask your participants to leave at the end of the day.

AND THE #1 QUESTION… How much do you charge?
My fees are in the $3,000 to $12,000 range — depending on 1-hour keynotes to 3 day retreats, and size of the groups.

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Make Your Team Great!

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