Effective Team Building Ideas and Icebreakers


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Team Building Day Themes


Team building icebreakers get everyone’s juices flowing. They are the grand opening of every Team Building Day.


To jump-start participants and prepare them to engage, risk, learn, and grow. I introduce a variety of unique and enticing ice-breakers — funny, shocking, surprising — TO CLEAR OUT ALL THE STUFF THAT CLOGS OUR BRAINS. Before we start forging bonds with each other through team building activities, it’s really important to get ready for all the new ways of communicating and understanding each other that we’ll discover.

We need “brain-clearing outs” to make room for the new, wonderful stuff that is about to enter. It is my belief that we learn best when having fun.

I want to turbo-charge the participants

  • to laugh and break down personal walls.
  • to encourage vulnerability and openness.
  • to promote teamwork.
  • to stimulate creative thinking.
  • to experience success.
  • to live in the moment.
  • to smile inside and outside.
  • to raise comfort levels (before leaving them!)

Ice-breakers include challenging puzzles and diversions, make-you-think handouts, group mixers, warm-ups, energizers, and playful activities.

Watch closely and you’ll see spontaneity, exuberance, laughter, and lots of hand-clapping — the perfect way to start the day!

Win-Win Activities That Challenge Team Building Atlanta Georgia

Different size groups require their own specialized activities and facilitation skills to maximize engagement and learning.

Groups of 11 to 22

Whether it’s the “Amazing Maze,” “Human Zipper,” “Magic Carpet,” “Move It OR Lose It,” “Gravity Pole” …. or hundreds of others, we will have a blast discovering new paradigms and sharpening our critical thinking and decision-making skills. Includes both indoor and outdoor activities.

Groups 23 to 150

Larger groups interact best with a variety of team groupings:

  • Whole team activities
  • Half teams
  • Teams of 15
  • Teams of 4
  • Dyad pairs

Sample activities include “Group Pull-up,” “Welded Ankles,” Switch/Change/Rotate,” “Have You Ever???” “Vision Quest”…. and dozens of others, with handouts, videos, and lots of surprises.

We remember about 20% of what we hear and read, yet close to 90% of what we experience and reflect. This is what produces spirited, motivated, and productive TEAMS.

Groups of 150 – 1,500

No sweat! Larry loves working with really large groups. He keeps them engaged and entertained in a room full of laughter and fun!

Formula for LIFE: E + R = O

What a simple and powerful formula for life! We all have our ups and downs, highs and lows that ripple through our lives both at home and at work. The key lies in our minds – how we choose to react.

This formula reminds ourselves that we can choose our responses to events, reclaim our responsibilities and non-victim attitudes, and empower ourselves immediately. We will learn to embrace change. And we will create a powerful environment that invites new, positive ways of looking at things and ourselves. This formula reminds us that attitude is a choice.

The Top 10 Ways to Motivate and Success Coach Your TEAM

TEAM members learn these Top 10 Success Coaching Skills by playing and participating. The debriefing after each activity reinforces the learning.

Related handout topics include

  • Top 5 Ways to be Coached
  • How Coaches Handle Upsets and Conflicts
  • Top 10 Ways to Turn a Complainer into a Positive Person
  • Coaching for Success
  • The Best of the Best Questions that Coaches Ask