An Informative Interview with Fun Team Building Founder Larry Lipman

I thought it would be beneficial for you, my blogging audience, to get to know me on a more personal level. So, here are some commonly asked questions that I have fielded over the years from organizations that have hired me and those that have not. One thing you will know for sure after reading this: I love my job and I love life! Enjoy!

What is your specialty area?

— outdoor adventure ropes courses and regular indoor
events for groups from 12 to 112.

What are your typical outcomes from a day of Team Building?

Building relationships, appreciating differences, improving attitudes, handling change, communicating more effectively, elevating
trust, collaborating, handling stress, and having a

How long have you been doing this?


How did you get into success
, designing, and facilitating activities?

started out as a participant in many team building workshops and said to myself,
“I can do that…..I want to do that……this is my calling!”

so I did.

Who are your clients?

Fortune 100 companies, small to medium
companies, teachers, nurses, governmental agencies, or any group of people who wants to

How do participants respond to the team building exercises?

don’t want to be there at 8AM —- and I have to ask them to leave at the end
of the day because they are having so much FUN!

What is one of the most
embarrassing moments you’ve had in conducting your team building seminars?

Here’s one of many.
I was facilitating a favorite blindfold activity. They had a good time and we
debriefed.  At the end, several of the participants proceeded to inform
me that they observed me scratching and picking ( in places I
don’t want to share).  They roared and I turned red.  I bought new    blindfolds the very next day.

What makes your team building day

I blend professional growth with
personal growth.  My
participants take home life skills that they can use in the workplace and at
home.  Plus, I believe we learn best when we are having fun.

What advice do you have for people who want to do what you do?

Kick out perfection!
I waited until I had the perfect business card, perfect brochure, the perfect website
— and I lost a lot of valuable years. “President of the Late Bloomers
Club” is not a title I want any more.

What are two of your strengths?

1. When I make a mistake, I
admit  it, learn from it, and move on.  The participants see that I am real.

2.  I follow the flow of the group, not my ego.

What are the most
important characteristics of a facilitator, a participant, and a training activity?    

Facilitator: Follow the group’s lead, not your
agenda.  The best moments are the unplanned

Participant: Those who choose to engage and participate.

Training activity:  Involves the participants, contain learning opportunities, and are  FUN.

What are the things that you dislike
most in a facilitator, participant, and a training activity?




 Name one of your favorite activities.

Honesty Circle.  It’s a high energy
activity I usually use right after lunch
(which is one of a facilitator’s biggest challenges).  It works with 10
– 100 participants, can be done inside or outside, uses low props, and
is a blast!  Outcomes include:
relationship building, integrity, and lots of laughter!

really my version of “Have You Ever.”

Do you have any book

books by Thiagi, Sam Sikes, Jim Cain, and Michael Wilkinson.

What is your prediction about the future of team building?

We are so fortunate.  Ours is a profession that will always have a
niche because companies, corporations, schools, government, and hospitals
involve people.  Mine is a people
profession.  We help people learn, grow,
and evolve.   Training activities
accomplish this with its learn-by-doing format.
That will never get old or out of style.

Larry Lipman is owner of Fun Team Building in Atlanta, Georgia and travels all over the world to deliver his message of fun! Check out the FAQ page to learn more about the organization and feel free to give Larry a call at 770-333-3303 to learn more about the organization’s services!

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