Larry Lipman Spills His Source of Team Building Inspiration

Since his last interview over 2 years ago, I thought it was time for an update on Larry’s business and himself. Here are a few more questions he often receives about this industry and his personal experience as a team building coach.

larry lipman, fun team building

Larry Lipman

Since the last interview, has anything drastically changed with you or your business?


Nope. Still loving my job and life!


How has your business changed or grown over the past few years?


As I navigate my career over the past 20+ years, I have noticed more and more repeat business and referrals tapping my shoulder– which makes me happy and proud! I still love my new clients though!


Have you traveled to any different states for team building activities lately? If so, how did it differ from or how was it the same as Atlanta?


I am completely mobile.  Travelling is a part of the job. The only difference between travelling and working locally here in Atlanta —- is TSA screening.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped to explain all my strange team building toys in my carry-on!


Larry Lipman, Fun Team Building

Larry Lipman

Have you read any good, inspirational books or articles lately? Which ones (book and author) and how have you used their message in your own practice?


This will surprise you.  I still love to go to book stores.  And even more surprising, I like to visit the children’s section! You will not believe all the inspiring, fun, motivational, and compelling books there are for kids. Not only do they have the same message for adults, they are easier to read!  The only catch is…the chairs and tables are a bit small for someone my size.


What can you suggest to managers and supervisors who need to convince their boss that team building is worth the cost?


Two things:

       The results and outcomes are immediate.

        Laughing, having a great time, and building relationships are a good thing.

Have you had any particularly difficult team building days? How did you overcome their difficultness?


I thrive on resistant participants. They have the most to gain and learn. In all my years, I have never had a single participant choose not to join in and engage. They can’t help themselves when they see everyone else having a good time.

What advice do you have for people who don’t like or understand team building?


Seek my professional help immediately!


Larry Lipman is the owner of Fun Team Building. He is based in Atlanta, but he’s willing to travel wherever your team needs him! Give Larry a call at 770-333-3303 to learn more about his business and what he can do for your team today!

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