When Co-Workers Don’t Want To Be Part Of Team Building Days

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Is your whole team excited about the team building days coming up?


So you’ve set a date for your team building activities. You arrive on site, your team members and outside facilitator are all there, and you’re ready to begin. But you have a few people who don’t want to participate. They say they’d rather just watch. Or they just don’t show up at all. It turns out they just don’t like group activities.

How do you prepare so this doesn’t happen at your team building event?

Prepare Early

Let your team know the exact date, time, location and any other important details at least 30 days in advance. That way, everyone has a chance to mark it in their calendar and they can’t double book themselves that day. Send out an electronic invite and have each team member respond and say whether or not they will be attending. If you receive enough nos, you should reschedule. When the day comes, no one should be able to say they have other things to do because they’ve known about the events for weeks or months.


Choose Activities That All Can Participate In

Take a look at your team. If your team consists of mostly elderly folks, a high-ropes course or laser tag is probably not the activity for them. Choose activities that all team members will be able to actively participate in and learn from. Good ideas for activities that all members can participate in are Fun Team Building ice-breakers, low-ropes course, and small group activities. Choosing activities that fit your team demographics, boosts everyone’s confidence in participating.


Tell Team Members What They Will Be Doing

Let your team know what activities they will be participating in when the invitations are sent out. If there are no surprises, your team members will be more likely to participate. Check out Larry Lipman’s of Fun Team Building outline of a typical team building day to give your team an idea of what will happen that day and work with Larry on the actual agenda.


Have An Open Door

Let your team members know they can come to you with any questions or concerns. Team members may get anxious or scared when it comes to team building activities. They may be afraid they aren’t physically fit enough for a ropes course or may get anxious in large groups of people. Part of participating in team-building activities is to build leadership skills and trust between members of the team. Be a good coach and mentor your team through this experience.


Ready for Your Team Building Days?

Fun Team Building can help you determine the right activities for your team. Give Larry Lipman a call at (770) 333-3303 to schedule your team building events today!


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