17 Corporate Team Building Activities That Work

Corporate Team Building is Like a Puzzle

Corporate Team Building is Like a Puzzle

What does the word TEAM mean to you?

While there have been countless books and articles written about the importance of team building, the million dollar question that still remains is:  What make up a great team and why is this so important to corporate management?

What do Highly Functional Teams Look Like?

When individuals with similar interests come together to work toward a common objective, a team is formed. In a highly-functional workplace environment, team members strive to work hard to live up to the expectations of each other and successfully accomplish the assigned task.

Every individual must feel motivated to perform at his or her best. They accept challenges with resilience and spirit. They want their team members to succeed.

But What if Your Team is not working properly?

Sometimes team members are unmotivated to work together and take the attitude of “every man for himself”. They dislike their teammates or their leader. They don’t work to the best of their ability.

If this is the case, team leaders should look outside their organization for help. Fun Team Building activities away from the office can often times help the team gel. These activities are meant to remind the team that each individual brings a special talent to the group and wants to be appreciated for their contribution.

Once the group attends a team building day, they can integrate corporate team building activities into their daily and weekly routine. Examples of this might be:

  • Fun and interesting meeting openers
  • Interactive and engaging presentations
  • Attending  conferences as a team and
  • Providing brown bag lunch seminars on the importance of working as a team.

What Does a Sample Team Building Day look like?

17 Corporate Team Building Exercises

  1. Warm ups and Icebreakers
  2. Self-discovery Activity
  3. Team builder: The Gravity Pole
  4. Team building exercise: Blind Birthdays
  5. Larry Lipman’s Personal  Formula for Life
  6. Problem solving fun with the Human Zipper
  7. Sparking employee motivation with the Magic Carpet
  8. Welded Ankles
  9. Top 10 Ways to Motivate & Success Coach Your TEAM
  10. Lycra Tub for Pure Fun
  11. Building relationships and appreciating our differences activity
  12.  Don’t do as I do. Do as I say: Building effective communication skills
  13. Big picture versus details activity
  14. Back Talk
  15. Move it or Lose it: Employee motivation activity
  16. The Amazing Maze
  17. Celebration and Shares

The overall goal of this team building program is to allow individuals to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses and take your team to the next level!

What does the Fun Team Building program include?

  • A fun, power packed day
  • Discounts for paying on the day of event
  • Access to all handouts and manuals
  • Unlimited e-mail follow-up consultations for up to 6 months

Improve your team’s communication skills, initiate creative problem solving, and build trust for a cohesive team with good leadership by hiring Fun Team Building today!

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