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Team Building Learning Styles

The communication experts say that we learn in different ways.  We have different “learning styles.” The secret for speakers, coaches, parents, teachers, and anyone who wishes to connect with others is….connecting with peoples’ learning styles.  This becomes so much more… Read more »

Team Building Coaching: Awareness

 Blindfold me and take me into a plain room with 12 to 20 employees from the same organization. Don’t tell me who they are, what they do, or the specific challenges they are having at work. I want my  expectations… Read more »

Team Building Coaching: Inside vs. Outside Motivation

“Outside motivation” typifies the rah-rah, pump-it-up, get-out-there-and-attack-the-world approach. There is nothing wrong with this motivational approach; many excellent trainers use it. I find that it wanes over time and requires periodic tune-ups. “Inside motivation” begins on the inside. Tougher to… Read more »

Clarity in Team Building

 I read this story several years ago, and do not know who  wrote it. A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail  with her girlfriends when an exceptionally tall, handsome, extremely sexy  middle-aged man entered.  He… Read more »

Good Team Building VS. Bad Team Building

Team members talk and communicate across departmental barriers. The work place is built around silos, cliques, and isolation barriers. Leadership walks its talk. Leadership says one thing — and acts another. Team members are encouraged to contribute and are rewarded…. Read more »

6 Qualities of an Excellent TEAM

Constant and never-ending improvement is encouraged: team days, team retreats, motivational seminars, refresher courses, strategy sessions, creative workshops, appreciation days. Leadership is shared among the whole team with a variety of leadership styles encouraged. Open communication with team issues is… Read more »

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