14 Outstanding Qualities for Team Building Coaches

  • Mentoring – Choose strong role models and be one to others.
  • Laughing – Laugh at  yourself…and with others…and often.
  • Empathizing – Put yourself in  the other person’s shoes
  • Inspiration – Find a hero, model them, stretch yourself, and share your gifts.
  • Vulnerability – “I’m sorry.” “I was wrong.” “I recommit.”
  • Researching – Go to book stores, listen to tapes, use the Internet, hang out with  wiser people, attend workshops, etc.
  • Reflecting – What have you learned? What will you do differently?
  • Criticizing – Be open to constructive criticism. It has the potential to teach us.
  • Communicating – Ask, ask, ask. Listen, listen, listen. People cannot read our minds.
  • Risk-taking – Attempt new approaches. Let go of old attitudes. Put your beliefs on probation.
  • Assessing – What is important in your life? Who is important in your life? What really matters?
  • Goal Setting – Make measurable and put a time limit.
  • Making Time – You make time for stuff or you make excuses.
  • CANI – “constant and never-ending improvement” (from Tony Robbins)

Larry Lipman
Larry Lipman is a Success Coach specializing in TEAM BUILDING!

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