4 Lessons I Have Learned As A Team Building Success Coach

When I reflect on the wisdom I’ve learned over the years as a team building facilitator, I find there are four core beliefs that have guided me and saved me from a lot of frustration and wasted time, while building great relationships.

Lesson#1: images

I cannot change people.  The only person I can change is myself.  Knowing this has stopped me from wasting my time and energy on family, friends, clients, and bosses!


When we step back and get the big picture, we see perspective.  Just because I am having a bad day doesn’t mean my whole life is a disaster.


My life changes for the better dramatically whenever I learn to kick out 1 or more of these nasty needs in life:

• Need to be right
• Need to look good in front of others
• Need to be perfect
• Need to protect my ego
• Need to judge


The greatest gift I can give another human being is being present with that person in the now moment.  That is NOT easy.  We all want to speak up and respond immediately.  Listening is a learned skill.  Listening is a gift.

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