Is The Team Building Investment Worth It?

The short answer is: Of course!

Let’s face facts: Teams are spread out all over the country and perhaps even the world. People work remotely, mostly out of their homes. They are busy and they are tired. The ones that work in the office environment are equally busy and if you are like my son (Gen Y) you slip on your earplugs and listen to music all day while doing your work.

2015 is the year of team building investment, because your teams are not going to develop organically. You need help…and you need to find the RIGHT team building company. Here are three benefits of hiring a great team builder that will make your investment worthwhile.

Team Building Investments are Worth Every Penny Spent!

Team Building Investments are Worth Every Penny Spent!

3 Reasons Your Team Building Investment is Worth it


Reason #1: Employees get to know each other better. 

True team builders take people away from their office and all the distractions of everyday life to focus exclusively on the people in the room. When was the last time you went a whole day without checking your smartphone, tablet or desktop? You probably can’t remember when! Last December I took a technology break for six days. It was the best thing I did and no one missed me! I could focus on my family, friends and tasks around the house without distractions.

When you focus on your team, you will get to know them. And teams that know each other, grow together!

Reason #2: Team building promotes togetherness. 

Fun Team Building facilitator Larry Lipman has great team building exercises to help promote this theme. As previously stated, team members have fewer face-to-face connection times. Therefore, this is a great way to get everyone in the room to learn more about each other and openly address the problems and challenges in the workplace.

Think about this: Most employees don’t tell their team they are disgruntled; they just quit and find another job. And then you are stuck with the $80-100K cost of bringing in a new employee. This team building investment might just be the opportunity you need to stop this from happening; at a fraction of the turnover cost described above.

Reason #3: Conflicts are resolved honestly and directly. 

One of the reasons teams don’t work is because they don’t talk about conflict AND then resolve it appropriately. Most dysfunctional teams either avoid conflict, triangulate or quit on each other. This doesn’t work and can actually cause more problems.

Learning how to deal with conflict – without throwing someone under the bus – is key. Larry Lipman has the tools to help teams get honest and stay honest.

Fun Team Building Is The Right Team Building Investment

Fun Team Building helps leaders and team members to understand the elements of a great team. Larry creates an environment of accessibility and openness – all while having lots of fun! Give Larry a call at 770.333.3303 to learn more about the Fun Team Building program!

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