6 Savvy Ways to Find the Right Team Building Company

Larry Lipman Having Fun with Attendees

Did you know Google “Team Building Company” you will receive over 800 million hits? And, assuming there are millions of organizations that can deliver team building activities to your organization, how in the world can you separate the wheat from the chaff? It may seem overwhelming, but here are a few ways you can find the right company.

  1. Ask a lot of questions of your team.
    Before doing an in-depth analysis of various companies, understand what your team hopes to accomplish by the end of the day. What are your challenges and how will fun team activities solve them?Also, what are the demographics of your group, and interests of those participating in team games? You need to know what activities will suit the whole group, not just a few individuals.
  2. Be prepared to measure outcomes.
    Without a doubt, corporations and educational institutions are becoming more prudent with their funding when looking at team building exercises. An organization should be able to explain its key takeaways and identify practical business skills and tools employees will be able to use right away. You are incumbent to measure whether or not those skills and tools are effectively utilized in the coming months after the session.
  3. Ask about experience.
    Here is a list of questions you may want to ask:

    1. What are the credentials and qualifications of the facilitator?
    2. What is the background of the trainer?
    3. Who are their previous clients?
    4. How long have they been in business?
  4. Rate responsiveness. 
    Does the company answer your emails and phone calls within a reasonable amount of time? Do they answer all your questions? If an organization is responsive while they are trying to win your business, chances are they will be equally, if not more, responsive with your team.
  5. Look for listening skills. 
    When you speak to the owner or facilitator, are they really listening to you and answering your questions, or are they giving you pat answers and half-listening to your requests? Have they checked out your website, products, and services?It is important that they ask informed questions, but it is equally important that they listen and customize their offering(s) to your needs.
  6. Mobility is important. 
    Will the trainer go to your facility? Many team building organizations want you to bring your team to them. This can be expensive and can sometimes stifle creativity. It is important that whoever you work with brings flexibility to the table…including the ability to come to you.

Larry Lipman is the owner of Fun Team Building based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a certified trainer and has completed Jack Canfield’s Facilitating Skills Certification, Melton Leadership Institute Train-the-Trainer, Active Teaching Leadership Training, Piering Mastery Technology for Excellence Training , Tony Robbins Mastery University, and Stephen Covey “First Things First” Workshop. He is also ROPES Course Certified. Give Larry a call at 770-333-3303 to learn more about how Fun Team Building can help you!

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