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Team Building Shortcut To Success

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Do you want to know the quickest way to success, and the quickest way to empower others to succeed? The experts say that THE WORDS we use in our everyday conversations and in our thoughts determine: • Our mood • Our reputation… Read more »

Catching People Doing Things…Right!

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Experts say one of the top skills of EXCELLENT LEADERS is catching people doing things RIGHT.  That means 3 things: Acknowledging Supporting Validating Our culture is obsessed with focusing on negative behavior. We do that with our families at home. We do it… Read more »

EGO’s In Team Building

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As leaders, it’s not our job to fix anyone or to have any solutions but to empower others to solve their own problems. Our job is to help team members expand the horizons of their awareness, and to facilitate their taking… Read more »

Team Building Learning Styles

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The communication experts say that we learn in different ways.  We have different “learning styles.” The secret for speakers, coaches, parents, teachers, and anyone who wishes to connect with others is….connecting with peoples’ learning styles.  This becomes so much more… Read more »

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