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blog, team great again, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman, Atlanta team building I blog twice a month with fun team building ideas and lots of discussion on games, exercises and activities, plus great advice and tips on staying positive and building communication and teamwork. You won’t want to miss a single post! Whether you’re part of a small or large group, our unique approach can really make a difference in your team’s outlook! If you have a blog topic you would like me to write about and explore, please contact me to add it to the list!

Change is Good, Really

Change is Good, Really thumbnail

Change is a fact of life. Nothing, absolutely nothing, stays the same. For those who “hate change”, this reality makes your skin crawl and can even throw you in panic mode. But just like my recommendation to “embrace conflict”, it… Read more »

Embrace Conflict to Succeed

Embrace Conflict to Succeed thumbnail

I think it is safe to say that no one really likes conflict. It’s usually stems from an unpleasant situation that is often put off and avoided. The problem with avoiding or in some cases ignoring conflict is that it… Read more »

5 Skills Every Leader Needs

Happy business people celebrating success at company

Leadership is present in every workplace, and can determine the difference between a good and bad work environment. But what makes a good leader? Broken down by Marcel Schwantes, these five traits are the key to leading for the good… Read more »

Why is Servant Leadership Effective?

Why is Servant Leadership Effective? thumbnail

How do you know someone is a leader? Because people follow them. How do you know someone is a GOOD leader? Because people want to follow them. Leadership has many faces. Some schools of thought believe in fear, others count… Read more »

The Power of Experiential Learning

The Power of Experiential Learning thumbnail

How people learn varies from person to person. For example, some people need to hear instructions, where others need to see something with their eyes to truly grasp a new concept. In fact, there are three types of learners: Visual… Read more »

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