The Rainbow Story


The colors of the Rainbow began to argue about which was the best and most important color for the world.

“Obviously, it’s me,” said Red.  “I am the color of blood, which is the very essence of life.  I symbolize love, passion, and bravery; and I serve as a warning for danger.”

“Whatever,” said Orange.  “I am the color of health and vitality, and this year’s color style!  Oranges, papayas, pumpkins, and carrots wear my shades and lend their nutrients to the world.”

“I am the sun, moon, and stars,” interrupted Yellow.  “I am a beautiful sunflower in the summer and make people believe in happiness.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Green.  “Well, I am the grass that the animals eat and the color of leaves in the springtime. I am growth and renewal.”

“And full of yourself,” said Blue.  “I am the ocean and the sky, the most important elements of our planet.”

“Well, I am the color of royalty,” added Purple.

“I am the color of silence and serenity,” said Indigo barely above a whisper.  “I symbolize inner peace and tranquility.”

As the colors continued to debate their qualities, it began to rain.  “Silly colors,” Rain scolded as it poured down on them.  “Shame on you for bickering among yourselves.  Don’t you realize that each of you is unique, but has been designed to complement one another?”

“Explain yourself,” Purple demanded.

“I’d be happy to,” Rain replied.  “If you simply join together, you can project your colors in an arch that reaches across the sky and shows the world that despite your differences…we can live in harmony.”

“Come on, join hands.  I don’t have all day,” said Rain.

And the colors did.

*** Reprinted with permission from Bits & Pieces  ***

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