Techniques for Handling Stress at Work

Workplace Stress

As technology has progressed to make our life “easier”, most Americans are more stressed than ever! In fact, workplace stress is considered the health epidemic of the 21st century, per The Huffington Post. What was supposed to help us work more efficiently and enable us to work outside the home has in fact become the catalyst for more stress. We have tools to be faster, smarter, and in constant contact with our colleagues and customers, but with that comes overwhelming 24/7 responsibility.

Common Workplace Stressors

The American Psychological Association states, the modern worker can attribute their stress to the following causes:

  • Unclear objectives
  • Lack of support
  • No control over job-related decisions
  • Uncontrollable workload
  • Uninteresting tasks/subject matter
  • No opportunity for growth
  • Low pay

Not having control over these areas in the work environment is causing undue stress. There are ways to cope, however, that can help you take back control and alleviate stressors. The first step is to acknowledge that you are stressed and commit to addressing it better.

Learn to Control Stress

Next you must be deliberate with how to go about your workday, minimizing stressors and taking back control. Stress is not going to disappear. Like anything in life, if something is not right, you must determine what it is and then deal with it appropriately. This attitude can be applied to workplace stress. It may always be the “monster lurking in the corner”, if you let it “get you”, is entirely up to you.

Minimize stress by working on personal aspects of your life first and then the logistics of the workday.

Be mindful of yourself:

  • Take care of your health by eating right and sleeping well
  • Don’t forget about your personal life, garner friendships that will help you feel better and provide a sounding board to “get frustrations out”
  • Take a moment for yourself throughout the day to recharge and take a deep breath
  • Remember the big picture, you don’t have to “love” your job, but “love” what your job provides (i.e. financial stability, intellectual stimulation, engagement with others)

Be mindful throughout the workday:

  • Set aside time to focus on tasks; don’t allow co-workers to constantly interrupt you and make sure let customers/clients know when you will follow up and then always follow through
  • Be honest with your direct supervisor and seek help where and when needed
  • Set expectations with co-workers; how you like to communicate (i.e. email, face-to-face, text), when you will get back with them regarding tasks or input, when you require focus time and would not like to be disturbed

Stress will never totally disappear. It is the condition of the modern worker, after all. But, you can utilize these techniques to control how much it negatively affects the workday. Start with yourself and then incorporate coping techniques throughout the day to keep your workday running as stress-free as possible!

Fun Team Building Can Help Reduce Work Stress

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