How to Find Passion in Your Work

Find passion in your work with a positive attitude

Sometimes you can’t change jobs, but the good news is, you can change the way you think about the job with a positive attitude. This can make all the difference in the world. There is a silver lining somewhere in your day to day work, you just have to take the time to harness it. Once that is accomplished, you are on the way to a happier day-to-day existence.

The Law of Attraction

If you haven’t heard about this already, there is a popular life changing concept called “The Law of Attraction”. It is based on the thought that what you think about, you bring about. It can also be thought of as “Cosmic Karma”. According to Ancient History Encyclopedia, karma is a reciprocal concept about action and result. If do something positive, you will get a positive result. This is kind of like the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The “Law of Attraction” is not always an easy concept to harness, so be prepared to commit to it for the long haul; consider it a marathon, and not a sprint. The best place to start is your attitude. You can’t change what happens TO you, but, you can change HOW you react to it! When you apply this to your everyday life, be prepared to be amazed by the results.

Control Your Attitude

Everything that happens in life, was first a thought in someone’s head. Believe it or not, this is a good thing when finding passion in your job. I know, sometimes being a “Pollyanna” is annoying, but the good news is, you just have to adopt a positive attitude for yourself, not everyone around you. In other words, you control you and that’s it. A bonus outcome usually occurs anyway; your positive attitude spreads to others.

It may sound overly simplistic, but sometimes simple is good. In fact, it takes these four steps to control your attitude in order to nurture a positive attitude for positive results:

  1. Be aware of your initial thought
  2. Assess whether or not it is negative
  3. If it’s negative, inventory positive alternatives
  4. Adopt a positive thought

You just have to acknowledge it and practice it diligently, until it becomes a new way of thinking.

Of course there are instances where there really is no way to spin something overtly negative (i.e. tragic events such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters) into something positive, so don’t be too hard on yourself. However, it is important to remember, even in the face of tragedy, there usually are overt acts of kindness, heroism and solidarity among others that show some positive aspects.

So, as the British said during the bombing raids in London, “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

When looking for the passion in your work, remember, it all starts with your thoughts and how you look at them. If you don’t adopt positive thoughts and create a positive attitude, will never have any satisfaction in your job. Focus on what you do like about your job (getting paid, accomplishing tasks, camaraderie of co-workers etc.) and stop letting the negative aspects obliterate anything positive.

Need Help Adopting a Positive Attitude?

Larry Lipman of Fun Team Building can help you adopt positive attitudes with his team building ideas or problem solving activities.  To learn more or schedule an event, call Larry at 770-333-3303 today!

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