When One of You Becomes the Team Leader

Are You The New Team Leader?

Are You The New Team Leader?


It happens every day in corporate America, one of you becomes the team leader or for lack of a better word…the boss. Many organizations like to promote from within the team for a lot of reasons, but primarily for a fluid and fast transition process because you already know the players. However, what about office drama and hurt feeling because someone else was passed by?

Here are some great tips from Lisa Quast, Founder & CEO of Career Woman, Inc. about ways to make this transition as smooth as possible. I have also integrated a few thoughts of my own.

Team Leader Tips

  1. Realize and accept that there is office change.
    You are no longer a peer, you are the boss. Act like it and accept that not everyone will like you. As the old saying goes, “You cannot control people, you can only control your reactions.” Don’t get drawn into conflict; stay above the fray.
  2. Seek out your HR professional to see what training is available.
    If you are concerned about the ability of your team to work as a team, consider utilizing outside resources like Fun Team Building. Ask your HR person for leadership development opportunities for you as well.
  3. Sit down one-on-one with each employee.
    Listen and find out what is on their mind. It is important that you hear their questions, concerns and complaints. Respond accordingly – don’t answer something you don’t know and don’t minimize their feelings.
  4. Don’t gossip or play favorites.
    Even if you were particularly close to one of your teammates, now is the time to set the standard for professionalism. Treat everyone fairly and that will come back to you in spades.
  5. Set expectations.
    As team leader, you need to let your employees know what you expect from them and ask them what they expect from you.
  6. Remember, every decision you make will not be popular.
    You aren’t running a popularity contest, you are running a business. Be fair and transparent but also stern when you need to be.

How Fun Team Building Can Help

Fun Team Building trainer Larry Lipman can help you transition your team beautifully! Team leaders can avoid office drama by calling us today at 770-333-3303!

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