6 New Year Resolutions to Make You a Better Team Player


Now that Christmas and Chanukah are behind us, we tend to use this time to focus on the New Year. 2014 brings the promise of new beginnings and, with that, the hope of making resolutions that will stick. If one of your resolutions is to work in a more positive environment, here are six ways to make that happen:

  1.  Make different a type of resolution. Instead of focusing on you and your aspirations, try focusing on others. Examples of this are:- Writing a thank you note to a customer, prospect or teammate once a week
    – Catching people doing the RIGHT thing
    – Doing something nice for someone in the office, without being asked
  2. Be present all the time. Whether you are holding a conversation with someone, at a meeting or on the phone with a prospect, really listen to what is being said. Put away your computer or smartphone, and actively and genuinely listen.
  3. Stop complaining. This one is probably the hardest for everyone, but it is the most effective thing you can do to build a healthy, positive work environment. If you have an issue with a co-worker, go to that person and resolve it. Do not talk about that person behind his or her back. And do not ask someone else to solve the problem for you.If you really do not like your work environment, make a point to proactively find another position. Sometimes, you will find if you stop complaining about where you work and who you work with, things will go along a lot better.Do not get me wrong; sometimes you need outside help to get to that “happy place”. That is where Fun Team Building can help.
  4. Avoid whiners and complainers. It is best to keep your distance from these types of individuals because they will drain your energy. These co-workers always have a black cloud over their head or are down on their luck. Stay away for your own mental health and well-being! Some people are happy being miserable!
  5. Smile more. Regardless of what has happened, there is always a way to deal with it in a positive, productive manner. It starts with a smile and the willingness to forgive others in certain situations. 
  6. Walk the talkI wrote a blog earlier this year about this very subject matter — and it comes down to “saying what you mean and meaning what you say.” Be genuine and be yourself.

If your team wants to start the New Year off right, hire Atlanta-based Fun Team Building to energize and keep your members going in the right direction. Reach out to owner Larry Lipman at 770-333-3303 for more information as to how he can help your organization!

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