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What are some benefits from Team Building Activities?


There are so many different benefits of participating in team building activities. These include:

  • Learning the power of TEAMWORK
  • Building relationships
  • Handling change
  • Becoming more aware
  • Encouraging resistant employees to let their walls down
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Creating happier employees and a more positive environment
  • Becoming more productive and increasing revenue
  • Multiplying employee retentionleadership in a nutshell, course, info, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman
  • Boosting morale
  • Bridging silos
  • Improving communication, collaboration, and creativity
  • Inspiring commitment
  • Discovering new ways of strategizing and solving problems
  • Eliminating whiners, complainers, and hidden agendas
  • Building trust and camaraderie
  • Having a blast!

Besides those, what are some benefits of team building activities? One of the greatest benefits about a team building day is that the outcomes can be immediate. People grow and learn at different rates. The ones that get the day will apply their new skills immediately. Others will be on delay — and it’s okay either way.

The activities your group participates in also have different outcome times. Some lessons are immediately clear, like building stronger relationships. But others, like improved communication and leadership skills, may not be obviously evident — but your group will be better because of these more subtle results.

Team building outcomes not only benefit professional growth, but personal growth as well. Participants can apply their AHA moments not only in the workplace, but at home.

2 examples are attitude and responses.

It is my belief we choose our attitude. It is also my belief that we choose our responses. Those are very powerful beliefs. This means people don’t make us feel a certain way, we choose it. This concept separates victims from people who take responsibility and accountability.

Choosing our attitude and our responses are threaded throughout the team building day.

We can use these concepts in the workplace and at home to improve our lives. Team building activities present challenges, that, when approached with the wrong attitude and response, are much more difficult to complete. But with the right mindset, working through problem (whether during the team building day, in the office or at home) becomes a simpler task.

If you’re facing friction in the workplace, team building activities are a catalyst to help tear down walls and overcome roadblocks so your group learns to work together and see greater success all around, both professionally and personally.