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Does Team Building Improve Communication?


Absolutely yes! We all have different communication styles. Team building is all about bridging those styles, so that we clearly understand — and are understood.

The 3 most common roadblocks to clear communication are:

  1. Silos
  2. Emails
  3. Listening skills

All too often in the workplace, employees are separated geographically by silos. This disconnect accounts for much of the lack of purposeful communication. The reason is simple. The experts say that the highest form of precise communication is face-to-face. When we can see the person’s face, body language, and tone, clear communication is possible. When we are in silos, we can only guess what people really mean.

The opposite of face-to-face communication is email. Emails are the coldest form of communication. We are literally looking at letters of the alphabet through the screen of a cell phone or computer! Is the person mad, happy, upset, being funny, serious, sarcastic, truthful, playing, or what? Who knows with emails? If your goal is clear communication, do not rely solely on emails. What was supposed to have been a joke could come off as serious — which could be disastrous.

The most challenging roadblock to clear and purposeful communication is our listening skills. Too often in conversation, when we are not interrupting, we are merely planning what to say while the other person is talking. Active listening is being genuinely present, fully concentrating, understanding, responding, and then remembering what is being said. Not easy to do.

How does team building improve communication? By creating bonds, consciously and subconsciously, between teammates (and coworkers). Further, many team building activities require intense communication skills to complete, and as such, participants “train” themselves to communicate better with each other — a skill that carries over into the workplace.

There are many team building activities that prioritize and promote clear communication. By engaging in these interactive team building activities, participants become more aware of their different communication styles, and can adjust their styles to improve the overall communication culture in any organization.

While team building activities can’t tear down these roadblocks, they can help participants overcome them so communication is much better streamlined in the office. If you’ve noticed your employees have been experiencing a breakdown in communication, team building activities could be a great option for reconnecting.