Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Team Building

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Are you following the dos and don’ts when team building?

Do #1: Use Team Building To Solve Problems

Team building exercises and events can solve problems in the workplace. Linking the challenges your employees faces with the challenges in the team building event can help co-workers solve their differences in a healthy way. If there are trust issues among your members, integrate trust exercises into the team building event. If there are communication issues, try adding a few communication exercises.


Do #2: Believe in the Team Building Exercises

Many people assume that team building won’t work or that it’s a waste of time and money. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if all that comes of it is a better understanding of other members, a team building day is worth it. Building stronger relationships with coworkers will benefit your company in many ways.  


Do #3: Encourage Everyone to Participate

Nobody likes a Debbie Downer. If someone refuses to participate, it’ll bring the morale of the whole team down. Encourage your employees to participate in all activities. If you have timid coworkers, prepare them ahead of time. Tell them what activities they will be participating in so they aren’t surprised when you arrive to the team building event.  


Don’t #1: Make It All About Work

While keeping in mind that the event is being held because of work, you want your team members to be able to relax and enjoy the exercises. Employees should be able to have fun while learning valuable skills to use in the workplace.


Don’t #2: Let Members Fall Into Work Roles

Team building events are about getting all members to work together on the same level. At such an event, iit doesn’t matter who’s a manager, who’s an assistant, or who’s an intern. Everyone is on the same playing field. If managers start to manage, and employees just follow their lead, it’ll feel like a normal day at work and there won’t be any real progress.

Don’t #3: Think One Event Will Change the Workplace Culture

Just as you can’t lose 10 pounds overnight, you can’t fix a broken culture overnight. Changing the culture of your workplace takes time. While one team building event can drastically change the attitudes and behaviors of employees, it won’t change everyone. These events set a foundation for how your co-workers should be operating. Following up with another day throughout the year will encourage members to keep working together as one.

Ultimate Team Building Do: Trust Fun Team Building!

Larry Lipman, owner of Fun Team Building, has been helping companies for over 20 years. He has helped hundreds of employees create stronger relationships with his team building events. He has spent years perfecting his practice in order to give you the most meaningful outcomes. Fun Team Building provides a fun and creative way to boost employee morale, as well as break down barriers and improve communication skills and collaboration amongst your members. Fun Team Building designs a day that is custom to your employees, and Larry will travel to you!


Need to schedule a team building day for your company? Give our Atlanta team building organization a call and get your employees on the road to functionality!  Call 770-333-3303 to get started today!

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