Create a Winning Workplace – Hire Happy Employees

Fun Team Building With Larry Lipman

Do you have happy employees?

Your business will only do as well as your employees make it, so maximizing your workplace potential is critical. If the environment is fun and productive, your employees will also be fun and be productive!


Here are 3 ways to create a win-win for everyone concerned.


Improve Your Hiring Process

When you’re in the hiring process, how you conduct interviews is as important as who you hire. Cultural fit is so important to a team, so try integrating a social component into your process. You could take them to dinner, a concert, or a sports game with other employees. Make it an enjoyable, social experience outside the work space. This way you can see how they may fit into the company and give the person a sense of how the company operates. Plus, if they have fun, they’ll more likely want to work for you!


Increase Employee Satisfaction

Businesses need capable and happy employees to succeed. Focusing on employee satisfaction is one of the biggest indicators of whether a company will thrive. True employee satisfaction is best achieved through job enrichment or vertical job loading. This deepens the staff’s knowledge of the company and industry through programs, positive reinforcement, promotions and more responsibility. Employees appreciate the opportunity you give them to broaden their skills and improve their position in the company. They will become happier and become invested in their jobs.


Find Out What Employees Think Of You

Being a good employer means looking in the mirror to see what you need to improve. If you want to grow your business, you need to have a good reputation so that the best people want to work for you. One way to use this is to use a job search site like It has reviews of employers from employees so you can see how your employees feel about you and how you compare to your competitors. Remember, happy employees make a successful company.


Fun Team Building Wants To Help You Create A Winning Workplace

Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman can help you get the most out of your employees get them working together! Give Larry a call today at (770) 333-3303 to see how he can help!

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