Get the Most Out of Your Team Using Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman

Are you creating a great culture within your organization with positive reinforcement?

One of the most effective ways to motivate your team and produce the best results is through positive reinforcement. This technique focuses on the good things that your team is doing rather than only pointing out the negatives. By rewarding your employees with encouragement or incentives, it will condition them to continue their good work.

Using Positive Reinforcement


A great way to create employee motivation is through incentive programs. This could be anywhere from giving them a bonus every time someone signs up for a service, creating a business trip for employees who hit a certain mark, or giving them company gear after a good week. Creating rewards programs will let the employees know that they’re doing well and incentivize them to continue to do so.


Positive reinforcement could also be as simple as acknowledging the employee’s hard work and being grateful for it. Rather than generally thanking them, as a manager you should immediately acknowledge when they do well and thank them for a specific detail or project in their work. Use your communication skills to show it is genuine and make it specific so that they know what they exactly what they did right.


Even when you are addressing a problem, it is good to start off with a positive statement. For example, you could thank them for doing such a good job with an assignment but ask them the next time to submit it on time. They’ll feel better for you acknowledging their hard work and more likely listen to the criticism that you just gave them.

Things to Keep in Mind


Positive reinforcement is a great way to motivate and improve team morale, but make sure you aren’t favoring one employee over the other. If you constantly focus your attention on one person, everyone else’s morale and productivity will suffer. Focus on rewarding your team as evenly as possible, and not too frequently so that it doesn’t lose its value.


Use positive reinforcement often when a new employee joins the team. It’s hard joining a group that already has a culture and knows each other, so positive reinforcement will help them become more comfortable in their surroundings and let them know that you’re on their side.

Fun Team Building Uses Positive Reinforcement!

Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman, an Atlanta company, uses positive reinforcement to create an effective team building environment. Give Larry a call today at (770) 333-3303 to see how he can help you improve the morale in your team!

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