5 Skills Every Leader Needs

Skills Every Leader NeedsLeadership is present in every workplace, and can determine the difference between a good and bad work environment. But what makes a good leader? Broken down by Marcel Schwantes, these five traits are the key to leading for the good of the people rather than simply for profit.

1. Focuses on Joy, Not Fear

The best work environments are cultivated by a leader who takes interest in the happiness of their employees. This can be achieved through true teamwork amongst colleagues, a shared value system, and a collaborative environment.

2. Provides Meaning to Employees  

Employee satisfaction is directly correlated with finding purpose in their work. It not only increases productivity, but it also allows them to feel like they are making an impact. A good way to do this is to allow employees to see first hand the people their work is benefiting, heightening their motivation and increasing their workplace satisfaction.

3. Cultivates a Learning Environment

Team performance and people development are key goals for good leadership. According to Schwantes, there are three components to leading a healthy learning environment:

  • Identifying individual strengths of employees in order to assign the best job fit.
  • Making it clear to employees that individual growth is of importance to the organization.
  • Providing training opportunities to benefit both the individual employees and the organization.

4. Builds Trust Amongst Employees

Every company should be built on trust, and the trust between leaders and employees is of great importance. Behaviors included in this are accountability, transparency, realism, clear expectations, and listening to the needs of employees.

5. Open and Transparent Communication

Consistent and clear communication is important for any leader. The more informed employees are on their expectations and company information, the better their performance will be.

These leadership traits are best cultivated through teamwork. At Fun Team Building, we host events, retreats, and keynotes that can fit into any corporate schedule. Contact us to learn more, and jumpstart the path to good leadership today!

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