4 Characteristics That Make Up Effective Teaching Teams

Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman

Does your teaching team work as a true team?

There is no doubt that schools are the lifeblood of our country. Everyone has to go through school. All our future leaders will have had many teachers in their lives.


It is critical that these teams be as effective as possible, so every young person can receive the best possible school experience.


However, just because a group of people is called a team doesn’t mean they act like one. Here are four characteristics that make an effective teaching teams.


Teaching Teams Know Why They Exist

It’s not good enough to simply be educators together, you need to have one common goal of coming together to support each other, learn new things, and meet your students needs the best way you can. When your team hits a rough spot, go back to your goals and remind yourselves why you’re here. Recognize every member’s efforts, because celebrating success is the key to boosting teacher morale.


Team Collaboration

It is very important to have continuous meetings to collaborate about ideas and goals. Gatherings are a great way to bounce ideas off each other and share effective teaching methods. They are also a way to give feedback about the school to their direct supervisors. Improving communication skills between teachers and school administrators helps make sure everyone is on the same page. When everyone is working together and morale is high, educators will be able to teach effectively and help the students succeed.


Vertical Teams as Well as Horizontal

Within a school, it is important to have both horizontal and vertical teams of teachers. This means having teams of teachers within the same grade level and teams that include one from every grade level. When they meet, they can have discussion points such as working technology into teaching or brainstorming sessions where they share what works for them and what doesn’t work. This is the best way to collaborate and maximize your time together.


Teams Trust Each Other

When there is inevitable conflict within the group, having trust means that it can be solved respectfully. The team will listen to each other and value each other’s opinion. If there is equitable participation and a good team building coach that creates a safe space, trust will begin to occur. It is so critical for each team member to trust each other to work effectively.


If teaching teams have common goals, collaborate, include horizontal and vertical teams, and they trust each other, they will be able to be very effective.


Fun Team Building Wants To Make Your Teaching Team Effective!

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