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Another Happy Customer: What are your testimonials?


Fun Team Building specializes in helping employees work more effectively. Larry Lipman, the owner of Fun Team Building, has been working with a diverse set of teams all around the country for over 20 years. From school teachers to nuclear power plant managers, Larry has seen it all. Larry’s clients love to write in and brag about how much his expertise has helped their teams. Want to see the difference Larry can make in your team?


Here are a few stories from teams Larry has helped.


Coca Cola Family Credit Union

Larry worked with the Coca Cola Credit Union in October 2014. Rob Hatefi, President and CEO of the Coca Cola Family Credit Union, wrote Larry to express his gratitude and thankfulness.


“Throughout my long career in the Credit Union industry, I have personally attended countless team building sessions and must confess that yours, on Monday, was one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Your knowledge and expertise mixed with enthusiasm and fun made the event very enjoyable for our team. Our team was engaged, participated passionately in all exercises, laughed often, and most of all, took away life changing truths that will help us in our professional careers as well as our personal lives. You are truly a gifted facilitator and I thank you for spending the day with us.”

Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

In early 2014, Larry had the pleasure of working with the managers of INPO, a nuclear power plant headquartered in Georgia. Overall, the team had a very positive reaction to Larry’s process. When asked what they liked about the team building event, the managers responded:


“Great opportunity to participate in activities that made me look at how I respond to situations. Larry did well to create a safe environment for participating without risks. Good teamwork activities that can be taken back and used in the workplace.”


“The challenges were eye opening and I learned a lot about myself. I enjoyed the day and the activities we did. I discussed the activities with my wife (a school teacher of challenged high schoolers) and she is looking forward to using some of the challenges.”


“The use of the exercises to demonstrate and provoke learning about how an organization learns and how I can be a better leader and improve my leadership skills. The exercises were both fun and relevant. The enthusiasm of the instructors was impactful. It is understandable why this is always a highlight of the this class.”


BeanTree School

Larry doesn’t only work with corporate companies and managers.He is also experienced in team building for educators and school staff. The participants at BeanTree school couldn’t express how much they loved Larry and his team-building day enough. Everyone involved had a very positive experience and took away things they could use not only at work, but in their everyday lives. Here’s what they had to say:


“It was an unusual, yet very interesting and interactive training session! I had anticipated just sitting down and listening to someone reeling out the Dos and Don’ts of Teaching and being a Team Player in a School Environment. I was proved wrong! I told one of my colleagues that anyone who can engage that number of people and can make them laugh, open up and get them looking forward to the next activity is definitely very good and worth listening to! Mr. Larry really made learning fun. Time went by so quickly and I did not even notice it!”


“We really learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We gained valuable tools and information that we can continue to use both on a personal and professional level. It was all very interesting and kept us interested and engaged at all times which made it really fun. I also like that he made us feel comfortable and was relatable so it wasn’t like someone just talking to us and trying to convince us to change.”


“I learned the formula for LIFE! E + R = O / Event + Reaction = Outcome. The choices we make based on events in our lives determine our outcome. It will not always be hunky dory at work but I am not going to react negatively to events that happen that I have no control over but I will choose to stay positive, react positively, believing the best and most importantly learning from any situation that I find myself in. Always working towards giving my best shot and being the best teacher, colleague and staff to everyone!”


Larry brings positive, engaging experiences to every group he works with. He spends a great deal of time customizing team building activities and events to your employees so they can get the most out of the learning adventure.


Fun Team Building Loves Testimonials


To learn more about how Larry can help your team or to schedule your team building day, give Fun Team Building’s Larry Lipman a call at 770-333-3303.

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