Is Your Workplace Culture Too Egocentric?

Is Your Workplace Culture Full of Selfies?

Is Your Workplace Culture Full of Selfies?


Do you have office drama on a daily basis? Is your workplace culture full of Don Drapers, Supermans and Survivors who want to swoop in and save the day or themselves?

Then I don’t need to say it: You are in a workplace culture that is toxic. Below are four litmus tests to determine if a leadership team development program is in your future.

 4 Workplace Culture Problems

Problem #1: Your Don Drapers Think They Own Their Work.

You need to go to Don tomorrow and let him know that his work belongs to the company, not to him. If this individual doesn’t accept criticism and is not willing to change their course, you need to remind them that all work is a result of team work. Don’t blow up their ego and likewise don’t kick them to the curb. Let them know how much they are appreciated and how their work has helped the organization.

Problem #2: Your Supermans Won’t Consult With Anyone.

Think about Superman – does he check in with others before saving the world? Of course not! But unless your Clark Kents have super powers you don’t know about, they need to springboard their ideas off other team members. Collaborative efforts help make Superman’s ideas even better and help build up the workplace culture as one that is fun and flexible. No more Cape Crusaders!

Problem #3: Your Team is Full of Survivors.

Do you have a workplace that creates an “every man for himself” mentality? If you go into work every day and are wondering if you are going to be thrown under the bus or know that co-workers are only nice to you when they want something from you, this is a survivalist workplace culture. You need to be very clear that you are a team and your team has goals that must be reached. You need to show your team what success looks like and work together to have each other’s backs.

Problem #4: Your Team is All Virtual.

This is going to be more and more of a challenge for team leaders as their employees are spread out all over the world. It is vital that you foster in-person team meetings at least once a year so individuals can start to break down barriers and really feel like they are a team. If possible, consider doing this on a quarterly basis.

Fun Team Building can really help in this arena. Facilitator and Team Coach Larry Lipman can come to your place of employment or meet you at a venue of your choosing. Larry, with his proven team building activities, will help breakdown barriers and turn every Don Draper, Superman and Survivor into your best employee ever!

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