The Work Environment and a Team Building Day Alike? Yes and No


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Does the Work Environment and Team Day Really Differ on Their Team Building Approaches?

Many people think a typical workday and a team building day are very different. This couldn't be further from the truth. While there are some differences, a team building event operates similarly to a normal work day. Take a look at the similarities and differences between the two types of days.



Rise and Shine

Larry Lipman of Fun Team Building starts his team building days at the same time a normal work day starts – 8 am. The day usually lasts just as long as a typical work day, ending around 4 pm. People fall into routines are used to waking up at a certain time and getting home at a certain time. Its best that events also follow this schedule so employees know what to expect.


Team Building Together

Just like during a typical work day, employees have to work together at a team building event.

At work, coworkers achieve goals. They do the same on a team building day which is designed to have team members solve problems and learn to work together more efficiently. Problem solving games mimic problem solving skills needed in the workplace.



During a team building day, Larry Lipman encourages every member to participate, just as they would in the workplace. An effective team has all members working together toward a common goal. If one employee slacks off, it brings the whole team down. When everyone participates, it is easier to succeed as a whole.



Everyone is Equal

On a team building day, everyone is equal. There are no “managers” or “assistants.” The point of team building is to break down communication barriers and boost employee motivation. An employee shouldn’t be afraid to say something just because they wouldn’t say it at work. Equality allows members to interact with each other on a different level.

Work is Work

A team building event should be about working together to form stronger bonds in the workplace. The day shouldn’t be about actual work. That means no discussing that new project you took on, the reports that are due tomorrow, or engaging in office gossip. Team building activities should also be held outside of the workplace, not in the office. Getting members out of their comfort zone is crucial to the success of a team building event.


Leave It to the Professionals

While a workday is run by managers, a team building event should be left to the professionals. Events should be lead by a professional outside of the workplace so employees feel more comfortable opening up. Larry Lipman is a professional success coach with over 20 years of experience. He can assess your team then build a customized day to suite your employees’ needs.


Larry Lipman wants to see your team succeed!

Want to learn more about how Larry Lipman of Fun Team Building can help your team get on the road to success? Give him a call at 770-333-3303 and schedule your team building event today!

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