Top 11 Tips for Team Building Facilitators

  1. top11 Ask these 2 important questions to the boss before you meet.
    When a facilitator has these answers, he can create the perfect day.

    • What are your team’s biggest issues at work?
    • What specific outcomes would you love to see happen at the end of the day?
  2. Have more activities than you will need. A good facilitator always plans ahead by bringing and planning more activities than necessary as back-up, in case the day goes really quickly.
  3. Go propless. When traveling, one never knows when luggage might get lost. A wise facilitator always relies on several propless activities just in case.
  4. . A good team building facilitator asks good questions and steps back— allowing the participants to engage, interact, and communicate. It’s their day; let them learn by doing and speaking up.
  5. Lead by example. A good facilitator is aware of his or her actions when things do not go according to plan or in between the activities.
  6. Put EGO’s in the back pocket. A good facilitator allows the group to lead and proceed at their rate and on their agenda. Letting go of one’s agenda to meet the needs of the group is a terrific facilitator strength.
  7. Pause. Allowing participants to pause often gives them time to process, think, and anchor their learnings. Few facilitators do this. Pause, pause, pause.
  8. De-brief. Allowing the participants to process their actions, behavior, and responses after each activity is precisely when the learning takes place.
  9. Be punctual. Start on time, allow breaks, end on time. Period.
  10. Nurture spontaneity. The best moments and the most teachable moments are usually the unplanned moments. Enjoy, appreciate, and honor them.
  11. Laugh often. Participants learn best when having FUN!

Larry Lipman
Larry Lipman is a Success Coach specializing in TEAM BUILDING!

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