There’s a New Kid in Town…Make Him or Her Feel Welcome with These Fun Games

You are adding on to the team – a new employee. If you have a larger office, the new worker might be a little nervous or intimidated, so feel free to make him or her feel welcome and at home. Group activities are a great way to get involved, as your newest staff member immediately meets his or her fellow colleagues. It is a great way to break the ice and ease any reservations the newcomer may have.

The games we suggest require teamwork and working closely. Your office likely has various departments, so depending on the game, you may need to break each department into teams and have them compete against one another. Check out a few below.

We discussed this one in a prior post, and it is one of our favorites! GO is an old game show from the ‘80s, and it offers a test in teamwork, communication and chemistry. Each team needs five members, and chemistry and communication is very important. For a full explanation and how to make it work in your office, check out GO.

The Name Game
This one might depend on the size of the company, but for a smaller office, it might work better. After about a week or so, test his or her memory and have him or her name as many coworkers as possible. If the employee gets a certain score, he or she wins a small prize (say a gift card)! You can do this with a running clock or no clock at all, but make it known that it is all for fun, no pressure.

Just in case you have hired an introvert, make sure it is okay to put him or her on the spot. If he or she does not like being in front of crowds, you might want to reconsider your approach. For example, have the worker just list employees based on a seating chart.

Common Bonds
This game requires the whole office, but it is a great way to learn a few new quirks about each other. It is part Musical Chairs, part icebreaker. Arrange a group of chairs in a circle, and have someone stand in the middle – it can be the boss, it can be the newcomer or just a random employee. That person reveals a random fact (e.g. “I am an only child…”), and those who can relate run around to find a chair. The last person standing has to go up front.

It is a fun exercise that allows everyone to figure out what they have in common and learn new things about each other, including the new guy or girl!

So there you go…some new games that you could use for the new kid on the block, or just in general. Feel free to try one out for your next hire, and please let us know how everything turned out…have fun!

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