The Top 5 Worst Mistakes of Team Building


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Are you making these team building mistakes?


With any kind of event, there are must-dos and must-don’ts – especially with team building. There has to be a strategy behind the event and members should know what is expected of them. If you avoid making these critical mistakes, your event will go smoothly and your team will benefit greatly from the results.

Assuming Everyone Is Equal

Every team is different. People have different attitudes, skills, opinions and beliefs. Some members are more timid than others, and may not be quick to jump into the action. Some members may be more boisterous and thrive on being the center of attention. Hiring a trained, professional facilitator, will allow employees take part in the team building activities in their own way.  

Allowing Cliques to Thrive

There is no way to avoid cliques in the workplace. However, allowing them to thrive in a team building event will heed no results. By split up cliques employees in one department or group can start to see the perspective of another. Team building should be used to break down barriers and improve communication among members of each team, not encourage the continued clique mentality.

Choosing the Wrong Activities

The purpose of team building activities is to bond employees and get them working together effectively toward a goal.  It isn’t as easy as just taking your team out to play laser tag. There has to be a strategy and expected outcomes of each problem solving activity. Larry Lipman creates a team building day that is customized to your employees. The activities your team participates in are productive and rewarding.

Addressing the Wrong Issues

Addressing the wrong issues or not addressing workplace issues at all, defeats the purpose of a team building event. Work with a professional to address the most pressing and prevalent issues first that are common across all departments in your company.  If employees feel their issues weren’t addressed, they may leave the day feeling it was a waste of their time.  

Making Team Building a One-Time Event

Building a stronger team won’t happen in one day. It’ll take time. After the event, make sure to keep talking about the lessons learned. Plan small team building events throughout the year, such as having a employee lunch once a month or an appreciation celebration.


Fun Team Building Is The Right Choice for Your Organization

Give Atlanta-based team building expert Larry Lipman a call! Fun Team Building can create a custom event suited to your employees’ needs and help you avoid any team building mistakes!
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