Thanking Your Team Members on Thanksgiving

Are You Thanking Your Team Members?

Are You Thanking Your Team Members?

As many of you know, Thursday is Thanksgiving and it is the time of year to be grateful for so many things….your health….your family….and of course, your team members. It shouldn’t be encumbered on your boss or management team to show thanks to fellow employees. It shows real leadership team development to appreciate each other – even if you don’t have to do so.

Below are five great tips you can do this week to show how much you care. Try them out on your team members and your boss. You might find the outcome to be one of real team building and bonding.

5 Ways to Thank Your Team Members

  1. Give tangible gifts.
    Nothing says thank you like a gift or gift card. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it is really meant to be a simple token of appreciation. One key note to keep in mind; be sure to include ALL your team members. Excluding one or two can cause more damage in the long run.
  2. Identify professional development opportunities.
    Working as a team is vital in 2015 and beyond. Perhaps you take the time to identify with your team members what you need in the coming year. Organizations like Fun Team Building can help you gel as a team and you can be thankful you called them!
  3.  Send notes of appreciation – often.
    Now that we are in the holiday season, many of us spend time to write handwritten holiday cards to friends and family. How about to co-workers who do a great job, all year long? Take the time to write out those notes of appreciation and send them via snail mail. A simple note can have a very positive effect on your relationship with fellow employees.
  4. Throw a party.
    Why not get ahead of the holiday curve and throw a “Thanksgiving Party”? It can be a great way to show thanks and your group have all the fixings of a Thanksgiving meal right in the office.
  5. Make the words “Thank You” part of your everyday language.
    Thank your team members for the work they do all the time – whether it is helping you meet a deadline or working collaboratively on a project – show appreciation for their contribution to your success.

Happy Thanksgiving from Fun Team Building

Larry Lipman and I would like to thank you for visiting the Fun Team Building website and all you do to make Larry a successful team building coach! May you and yours have a very blessed Thanksgiving this year!

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