What Your Teammates Really Wants in 2015

What are your resolutions for 2015?

What are your resolutions for 2015?


As we close the books on 2014 and look forward to new beginnings in 12 short days, it shouldn’t be any surprise to you that your teammates want some level of change, whether it be with themselves or with the team as a whole. However, before you start putting pen to paper with New Year’s resolutions, let’s look at the four things a recent survey by Premier Global Services of 1,200+ individuals had to say about what teams want next year and how you might be able to influence that outcome.

What Your Teammates Want

  1. They want a raise or promotion.
    23% of those surveyed responded they want this. While raises are not uncommon, they still are few and far between these days. A promotion may be doable, but it may require moving, travel extra hours – or all of the above.Make it a point to get on taskforces and committees at work. Let your boss know what you want and why you think you deserve what you are asking for.Team leaders: Be sure to put these items in your budget. The worst thing for team morale is to determine that your teammates deserve a raise, but not having the money to give them one. Be clear what the team needs to do to obtain a promotion and what the expectations will be.
  2. They want better work-life balance.
    18% said they want this and quite frankly, I do too. I work from my home and it is far to easy to work well into the night or on weekends to meet my goals. In fact, as I am typing this blog post, it is 5:45 pm on a Saturday night!?! This has got to stop!Set boundaries for yourself and your teammates. While it is okay to send emails and voicemails during the weekend and late at night (if you must), it isn’t okay to expect an immediate response to your question or situation.Make it a priority to turn off your computer at a certain time and pay attention to the more important things in life like your spouse, children, parents and friends. Take care of your health and for goodness sake, don’t work all the time!
  3. They want better technology.
    Of the 17% who stated they want this, many are working with outdated hardware and software solutions, which makes their job harder.Perhaps now is the time to look at a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy where employees can bring their own laptops and tablets in and easily connect with the servers at work. If that is not a possibility, this is a great time of year to get your hardware in shape by taking inventory, maintaining and upgrading the systems that make sense.
  4. They want to pursue continuing education.
    12% stated they want more continuing education in 2015. It is important to determine what your teammates need individually and what you need as a team. Explore these options and then budget appropriately.

Fun Team Building is All About Continuing Education

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Fun Team Building wishes you and yours a very happy and safe Holiday Season!

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