Team Building Eye Opener!

A belief is a certainty that we create. It is something we believe is true.

Beliefs incorporate our views about relationships, the work place, religion, family, money, failure, success, and life.  We believe them until something else happens that challenges them.  Some beliefs do us well; many do not.

That is why all my beliefs are on probation.

Example 1:

I used to believe that I had to be perfect before becoming a speaker. I wanted to make NO mistakes in front of people.  This belief delayed my career for years.

I changed that belief when I observed other motivational speakers and trainers making all sorts of mistakes!  I learned that the not-so-polished speakers were extremely successful — in fact, the ones who could laugh at themselves, make the most mistakes, and share their vulnerabilities, were the most successful at connecting with people.

I learned that beliefs can be dangerous.  Right or wrong, good or bad, they guide our behaviors.   I learned that following my passion was more important than my need to be perfect and look good in front of people.

Example 2: 

I facilitated 2 rival groups within the same company: sales vs. technical.  The CEO was having nightmares with their lack of support for each other and their breakdown in communication. Back-stabbing, minimal teamwork, and disharmony ruled.  I was called in to work miracles.

The turning point was an activity called “Back-Talk.”  Mixing the 2 groups together in teams of four; they had to create different ways to communicate with each other without talking.  They could choose to work together or not.  With their pride, egos, and  competitive spirit in check, they were out of their comfort zones.

Outcomes were hilarious!  They were completely frustrated.  They had to use their frustration to build relationships, tap into their creativity, ask for help, and work together.  And they did.

Be aware of your beliefs.  Awareness is the key.  Being aware and open to new information about ourselves and others will help us determine whether our beliefs are good or bad.  When we start to fine tune and adjust our beliefs so that they work for us instead of against us, we start creating powerful and lasting lives.

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