Summer Strategies for Keeping Your Team Together

It is easy to become distracted from important work assignments and projects during the hot summer months. The temptation of outdoor activities outside of work, as well as the lure of vacations, can impact the sense of priority on an important project deadline or diminish your team’s focus and attention. If you feel that your team’s determination and drive is waning as the summer approaches, employing team building and other activities may be what is needed to reenergize and refocus on those important work priorities. But not all team-building activities are created equal! Below are a few creative ways to keep your team together and focused as the weather heats up.

Unique Team Building Activities

Team building activities are important for leaders to incorporate into the workplace in order to create a long-lasting team that is focused on success. These activities help draw attention to areas of weakness, like communication, trust and time management, and become an opportunity to strengthen those skills as together as a team. Although many of these activities are designed to be conducted in a controlled, indoor environment, there are plenty of ways to make these activities more fun (and funny) in an outdoor setting as well.

Any team building activity that you choose to take part in should have some learning component associated with it. Other than that, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do or have your team members do for the purpose of building camaraderie, unity and loyalty. Choose activities that are high on fun but also encourage your team members to work with one another for a competitive and goal-oriented purpose. For example, have all your team members stand on a picnic blanket or tarp and then work together to flip it over without anyone stepping off of it.

Scheduling a Corporate Retreat

A corporate retreat is an event held away from the main office space that can serve to rejuvenate your team, create space to re-examine your core mission, project goals and objectives and build morale among team members. Scheduling an opportunity for your team to get off-site, even for just one day, and engage in activities designed to bring members together may be what is needed to rally the troops. The retreat should be more exciting than putting your team into a room with whiteboards and a moderator. Build a day around unique and interesting activities, a motivational speaker and a way to capture thoughts and ideas from team members toward the important work they do and how they can contribute to meeting goals together

Getting Involved in a Community-Based Activity or Fundraiser

A less costly but just as impactful way to bring your team together and stay focused during the summer is by participating in a fundraising activity. Fun runs, benefits for disease or a particular community-related issue like homelessness or education, happen frequently during the summer in many communities and can be motivational for you team members. Participating in these activities as a team will allow your employees to interact with one another in a context other than work and let their personalities shine through, bringing them closer together.

While everyone would rather play during the summer months than work, there are plenty of opportunities to bring your team together and stay focused. Try the suggestions above to keep your team on track for success!

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