Patience, Wisdom, AND Team Building


The terms “patience” and “wisdom” are often batted about like ping-pong balls. But have you ever thought about what it takes to exhibit BOTH qualities and why they are important? The truth of the matter is, without either of these attributes we would live in a frustrating world in which we would repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Below, are several ways teams can exhibit both patience and wisdom in the work environment.

PATIENCE is allowing something to run its course. 
WISDOM is knowing things will always change.

We have all had a terrible boss or difficult customer. Someone who is unkind and ruthless. Someone who doesn’t show any respect. If you exhibit patience, you know eventually that person will leave, be demoted or (sigh) promoted. And if you really like your job and are doing great work despite difficult circumstances, someone in the organization will take stock and notice you.

PATIENCE is letting people work and grow at their own pace. 
WISDOM is accepting that change and growth come in many speeds.

When you work as a team, whether it be on a specific project or in general, individuals are going to bring different skills, education and experiences to the table. The important thing is to respect your differences while moving the work forward. Even SMALL, SLOW changes are…well…changes and improvements. Often we want people to work at OUR pace, not the pace of the group. Take a deep breath and listen to others. As long as the project is moving forward, you are successfully working as a team.

PATIENCE is accepting delays without acting in a negative way. 
WISDOM is the understanding that many things are outside of your control.

In a team environment, there are many cogs in the wheel including management, contractors, and suppliers. Often times the largest project can be held up by the smallest of details (the parts are back ordered, there is a major weather issue, or your contractor quits in the middle of the project). As the saying goes, “there’s always something.” But the ability to be positive and come up with alternatives that will work, shows maturity and teamwork. In addition, the acceptance that most things are outside of our control can lend to a peaceful and productive resolution.

PATIENCE is knowing when to stop pressuring. 
WISDOM is accepting the fact that you “cannot push a rope”. 

Sometimes we want something so badly that we will do anything to make it happen, including asking for the business over and over again. While persistance is something to be applauded, sometimes we just need to stop and let the other person feel like they have room to breathe. Regardless of the relationship, whether it be personal or professional, we cannot MAKE people see our point of view. We need them to be as invested in the decision as we are. And sometimes what we want will never happen, or it will happen when we are most relaxed.

St. Augustine of Hippo, a 4th Century Theologian, sums up this post the best when he stated, “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

Fun Team Building based in Atlanta, Georgia helps individuals identify and work toward patience and wisdom in a team setting. Don’t let it be a cliche with your organization! Fun Team Building is only a phone call away at 770-333-3303.

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