How Humor Positively Effectives Team Building


What if I told you humor has the following effects on staff development…would you believe it?

Humor can:

  • Boost learning
  • Increase trust
  • Make team members more adaptable
  • Impact optimism
  • Decrease fear and
  • Allow for change

Really?!? If that is the case, why aren’t more people using it in their professional development training sessions? The answer is…they are. But before we get into all the benefits organizations like Fun Team Building can bring to your company, let’s take a closer look at what humor is and why the experts think it is important.

What is Humor?

Humor is the quality of being amusing. It is the ability to make other people laugh. In addition, it is a mood or state of mind.

We all know when we experience humorous moments and/or people. But I will add one more thing, it isn’t at the expense of other team members. It is a funny story or situation – and most importantly – it is the ability to laugh at ourselves.

What the Experts Say about Humor

“Emotions drive attention and attention drives learning,” stated Dr. Robert Sylwester, an education professor at the University of Oregon, as to why humor works.

According to Scott Christopher, Co-Author of The Levity Effect: Why it Pays to Lighten Up, “It is not a stretch to suggest that if laughter increases vasodilation – facilitating more oxygen to the brain – people will not only be in better moods, they’ll also be sharper cognitively.”

The book uses ten years of extensive research – with interviews, exercises, and case studies  – on how humor in the workplace can help you communicate messages, build camaraderie, and encourage creativity.

Ron Culberson, Author of Do It Well. Make It Fun.: The Key to Success in Life, Death, and Almost Everything in Between provides an easy-to-implement two-step process (1) Do it Well, and (2) Make it Fun. By applying this formula, you’ll learn how to spice up boring meetings, relax in stressful situations, and neutralize interoffice conflict.

What Makes Fun Team Building Your Humorous Choice

Larry Lipman, Owner/Facilitator of Fun Team Building leads groups in energizing team building activities that turbo-charge morale, teach respect, and build trust.

Larry’s methodology allows attendees to discover a minimum of two brand new things about themselves and their team members. Fun Team Building’s promise is after leaving the program your team will communicate up to 30% more effectively by understanding our different learning styles.

Lastly, Larry is all about having a blast! I have known Larry for over two years and every time I speak to him we laugh and laugh. He is one of the funniest, most upbeat individuals I know!

Refresh, reboot, and re-energize your team with Fun Team Building! Give Larry a call today at 770-333-3303 to get started!

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