How to Develop More Leaders in 2017 – Part 2

How to develop future leaders

As discussed in Part 1, leaders need to be quite a bit different going forward than they have been in the past. The reason? Technology. Every aspect of the business world is driven by technology.  Who better to steer the ship? Those who were born and thrive in this technological world, the Millennials!

Look to the Millennials

In a previous blog we discussed the differences between the four generations that make up the modern workforce: Millennial, Generation X, Baby Boomer, and Silent Generation. This is key when thinking of how to develop more leaders. As the Baby Boomers begin to exit the workforce and members of Generation X are most likely settled in leadership roles already, the next logical group of leaders to nurture and look to for the future is the next largest segment of the workforce, the Millennial worker.

The Millennial workforce is “high tech”, but they are also very “high touch”. They are very familiar with free-flowing innovation ushered in by the Internet age and the success of collaborative power houses such as Apple, Facebook and Google.

In general, when reaching out to the Millennial worker as a future leader, make sure to provide:

  • Opportunities – challenging projects or tasks with access to performance feedback  
  • Mentoring – access to internal and external leaders for advice and feedback
  • Stretch assignments – enabling them to take risks and be comfortable stepping “outside the box” which is a valued characteristic for future leaders

Most organizations are too top heavy, keeping executives out of reach to the future leader of the organization. Existing leaders can learn from the Millennial worker by being used as reverse mentors to educate existing senior executives about technology, work practices and culture of the younger workforce. Learn from one another with communication team building activities. Don’t just sit back and chug along the same old way.

Top 10 Ways to Develop Leadership

A leader is no longer there to “save the day”. The focus is on how they effectively work within a team and nurture creativity. This explains the need for leadership team building in place of or in addition to traditional leadership programs.

Leadership team building changes:

  • How leaders must think
  • How leaders must act
  • How leaders must react

When developing leaders, you must lead by example and coach at every opportunity!

Here are my top 10 ways to develop leadership in 2017:

  1. Be the person you want them to be – WALK YOUR TALK!
  2. Catch them doing things RIGHT. Acknowledge their contributions.
  3. Back them up.
  4. Make time for them.
  5. Let them know that you see their potential & encourage.
  6. Explain why when making requests.
  7. Delegate and trust / Ask for HELP
  8. Allow them to work to their strengths.
  9. Praise in public, correct in private.
  10. Work on yourself.  (If someone pushes your buttons, YOU are the one who needs to grow because you are allowing them to push your buttons) Be a part of the solution.
  11. OK, I have one more —- the SECRET of TRUE LEADERSHIP:

The secret of true leadership is to create a culture where your team will be self-motivated.  When the team members create their own motivation, intention, and commitment from within, the leader can sit back and watch their successes!

Customized Team Building for Your Organization’s Needs

From team building ice breakers, to small or large group activities, Fun Team Building delivers a positive experience that makes working together exciting! Call Larry Lipman today at 770-333-3303 and find out for yourself how to identify and develop leaders in your workforce through team building today!

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