Fun Staff Activities to be Practiced All Year Long

Fun Staff Activities Engage Employees | Fun Team Building

Fun Staff Activities Engage Employees | Fun Team Building

It doesn’t matter if you are a large company or small, this premise holds true: Fun, happiness and laughter help with corporate team building. So lighten up your workplace with these monthly fun themes for work that will cost your organization little to no money and help build bridges among teammates.

Here are month-by-month ideas:

January: Spelling Bee

Have your organization divide into teams and over a lunch period, host the bee. This encourages people to work together and creates a fun, competitive buzz at your workplace. Formulate random teams to encourage inclusion.

February: Change Spaces for a Day

Allow individuals – for one full workday – to occupy an office or cubicle of their liking. Allow for a first-come, first-served basis for sign up which will encourage all employees to participate. This has many team building benefits, including being able to have a birds eye view of someone else’s job.

March: Art Appreciation

Allow all employees to bring in art and display it for the entire month of March. Ask the employees to bring in their spouses, children and their own original pieces. It can be anything from sculpture to photography and everything in between.

April: Darts

Formulate teams on a random basis and have them compete for to be the dart champions.  Everyone can give it a try – no need to be an expert.

May: Guess Who

Have employees bring their childhood photos into the office and place them (with a number only) on the company bulletin board for  a week. Give everyone a sheet of paper and have them guess who is who. Have a prize for the winner.

June: Potluck Lunch

Ask everyone to provide one entree, side dish or dessert for lunch. If the weather is nice, host it outside at your facility.

July: Board Games

Have everyone bring in their favorite board game. Allow everyone an extended lunch to play one or more of the games.

August: Icebreakers

Develop random statements and ask individuals to gain signatures from co-workers who have completed those things. Examples might be: Who has ever gone camping? Who was born in a foreign country? Who has worked for the company the longest?

September: Scavenger Hunt

Remember this as a kid? Same idea except the clues are limited to the parameter of the office, but can include the grounds, basement and roof if you are able to do so. Clues should lead to some sort of treasures along the way.

October: Halloween

Allow everyone to dress up and hold a contest for the best costume. Allow them to stay in costume the entire day.

November: Bring Your Children, Spouse and Pet to Work

Wrapped around the Thanksgiving holiday, team leaders should let the employees’ extended family know how much the company appreciates them.

December: Employee Cookbook

Gather from your employees, via digital format, their favorite recipe and put it into a spiral notebook for every employee to take home as a holiday gift. Include a photo of all employees on the cover.

Every Month: Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and work anniversaries

Purchase a cake and note all the celebrations that month.

But What if Your Corporate Team Building Needs More?

Fun Team Building is a national organization who can facilitate fun staff activities in your office. Larry Lipman will create adventures tailor made for your team. Give Larry a call at 770-333-3303 to learn more about his offerings.

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